‘Tis the Season for Pointless Rioting

One of the more depressing reminders of how short we fall of our potential as a country or even as a species is the odd phenomenon of post-holiday “flash mobs.” In a rash of criminal activity, mobs of young people in at least three states rioted through local malls on the night after Christmas, forcing […]

Disputing the Pagan Roots of Christmas

If Jesus had never been born, to borrow a phrase from C. S. Lewis, it would be “always winter, but never Christmas.” But some Christians, even today, think of the celebration of Christmas as a pagan holiday. When the Pilgrims and the Puritans had the opportunity to assert their influence, they did not celebrate Christmas. […]

No Virgin Birth of Jesus, No Salvation and No Christmas

In today’s secular world, a growing number of theologians have been questioning the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. They have fallen into the trap of thinking secularly instead of thinking biblically and claiming that it was impossible for Mary to have conceived without having sexual intercourse with a man. Many of these liberal theologians ignore […]

Witness the ‘Tolerance’ of Islam

I’d like build upon my article “Stop Making Excuses for Islam.” In it I expressed my frustration over the constant refrain from Islam apologists that “That Is Not Islam,” every time a Muslim expresses his intolerance of something outside his “faith.” I am reminded of the idiotic remark said by president Obama in Egypt while on his infamous […]

Joseph and Mary were Neither Homeless Nor Refugees

The Christmas story has been turned into a political message about homelessness. Recently, liberals have claimed that when Mary and Joseph could not find a room in Bethlehem – you guessed it – it’s just like today’s refugee problem. Never let a contrived Bible story go to waste. The problem with the refugee analogy is […]

Can Anyone ‘Be Good for Goodness’ Sake’?

The American Atheists organization has trotted out its anti-Christmas — actually anti-God — billboards again: “Go Ahead and Skip Church! Just be Good for Goodness’ Sake. Happy Holidays!” There’s so much that’s bad about this that I don’t know where to begin. First, the use of “Happy Holidays.” A holiday is a “holy day.” That’s […]

Will Obama Outlaw Christmas Parties because they Offend Muslims?

“Criminologist Casey Jordan appeared on CNN . . . late Wednesday to make an abundantly absurd claim that the attack in San Bernardino, California, which left at least 14 people dead and was reportedly committed by a devout Muslim husband and wife tag team, was probably fueled by the holiday party taking place at the time which ‘may have […]

‘Mansplaining,’ Christmas Tree Bans and Other ‘MicroInequities(TM)’

Vox Media, one of those left-wing Silicon Valley companies that make way too much money, has pushed the envelope once again on employee conduct with its new ban on “microaggressions” and “mansplaining.” If you have no idea what those terms mean, you’re clearly behind the curve and hopelessly mired in standard English. You see what […]

It’s Been a Radical Christmas and a Racist New Year

As if the country hasn’t had enough yet of protests peaceful or violent using the twin excuses of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the race-baiters and the radical groups behind them are looking to expand the ongoing outrage charade into a full-blown race war. It’s become increasingly evident that Occupy Wall Street, CAIR, the […]

Are You On the Right Side of History?

I saw a recent hand-held sign from a protester on television with the words: “Which side of history are you on?” With another Christmas approaching, I can’t overstate how relevant that notion is when it comes to Christ’s kingdom, which began 2000 years ago and will one day see its wider fulfillment. Christmas is a […]

Xmas Does Not Take ‘Christ’ Out of Christmas

Many people get bent out of shape when they see Xmas. They think it’s a way of removing Jesus Christ from Christmas. “Every year you see the signs and the bumper stickers saying, ‘Put Christ back into Christmas’ as a response to this substitution of the letter X for the name of Christ.” Nothing could be […]