Maine Allows Citizens to Protect Themselves Without Permits

In 1986, only 8 states had a ‘shall issue’ permits for citizens to conceal carry weapons in public. Twenty-five states had a ‘may issue’ status for conceal carry permits and 16 states refused to issue permits for or allow carrying of concealed weapons. At the time, only Vermont had no restrictions on carrying concealed weapons […]

CA Politician Wants to Give Illegals Same Healthcare Benefits as Citizens

I’m going to be blunt right up front and say that I don’t believe that any illegal aliens deserve any benefits here in the US at taxpayer expense other than a swift trip back to their home country. So every time I hear about another liberal anti-American Democrat who strives to give illegals benefits of […]

DOJ Deports US Citizens While Allowing Illegals to Stay

Over the past six years, Barack Obama and his corrupt administration has shown more loyalty and concern for illegal aliens than they have for legal US citizens. Obama has worked hard and illegally to keep illegals in the US and give them jobs and benefits while at the same time trampling on the rights of […]

Obama Driving Citizens Out of Country While Welcoming Illegals

During the 2012 presidential campaign, one of Barack Obama’s main accusations leveled against Mitt Romney was that he was outsourcing jobs overseas. Facts showed that Obama’s charge was grossly over exaggerated and in fact Obama had also been outsourcing jobs and military contracts to other countries. But now it seems that Obama is outsourcing US […]

Illegals to Get Millions in Tax Refunds Thanks to Obama

I’ve known of many illegal aliens who work for cash under the table and never report their income. They don’t pay taxes and their employers also don’t pay into income taxes, Social Security or Medicare. Quite often, the illegals keep enough money to live on and then send the rest back to family in their […]

Gun Restrictive States Making Victims of Their Citizens

Why would anyone want to live in a state that makes it nearly impossible for them to protect themselves against attackers? Why would any man have his family live in a state that makes his wife and daughter(s) more susceptible to being raped? Consider states like Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the District […]

SCOTUS Protects Citizens’ Cell Phones from being Searched

A lawsuit, Riley v. California, that challenged that legality of arrest-related searches of cell phones had made its way to the US Supreme Court. The crux of the lawsuit was that law enforcement searches of cell phones without a warrant were a violation of the Fourth Amendment that protects citizens from unlawful search and seizure. […]

Homeland Security Making It Impossible for AZ Sheriffs to Protect Their Citizens

Remember last year’s Sequestration when President intentionally shutdown parts of the government and blamed it on Republicans?  Obama shutdown National Parks, White House Tours and as many other pieces of the federal government as possible that made life difficult or inconvenient for the American people. While some government entities, like the State Department, spent money […]

Citizens Of Key Swing State Turning Against Obama

Over the past several decades Ohio has been considered to be one of the most important swing states in the presidential elections.  It seems that however Ohio voters go, so does the nation.  Since 1976, this has held true.  In the 2000 election, Al Gore barely won the popular vote but Ohio voters cast their […]

Arizona Citizens Say They Want Proof of Candidate’s Eligibility

Arizona is no doubt the center of the birther issue in the United States.  For the past six months, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department Cold Case Posse has been conducting an investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service card.  While the national media has turned a deaf ear on the March 1 announcement […]

Obama Laugh-A-Rama: Jobs Banquet

After delivering his speech where he laid out his jobs programs, President Obama decided to have a huge banquet at the White House to honor America’s working people. The President sat down with his staff to work out the guest list. It was decided that there would be five people from each of the working […]