Lawrence Tribe Says Cruz is Not a Natural Born Citizen but Chimpanzees Could Be

I’ve been amazed how many so-called conservatives are appealing to Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Tribe as an authority on what a natural born citizen is. He’s a very weak reed too lean on for lots of reasons. Pick almost any subject, and Tribe is most likely on the other side. Tribe has described Ted Cruz […]

Why Would Illegals Even Want US Citizenship?

Who really wants to give illegals US citizenship? Is it the illegals or liberal Democrats who seek their votes? Currently, millions of illegals get free public education for their kids without paying any local or state taxes that go to education. Millions of illegals are receiving some form of government assistance – food stamps, welfare, […]

Fourteenth Amendment Does Not Mandate Same-Sex Marriage

By Herbert W. Titus and William J. Olson Within the month, the nation will receive the opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court as to whether the U.S. Constitution requires all of the states to jettison their domestic laws and sanction same-sex marriage. Numerous federal judges have so ruled, and most states have simply yielded to […]

Students Consider Renouncing US Citizenship to Save up to $100,000 for College Education

If you live in Maryland and want to send your son or daughter to the University of Maryland, it currently costs $4,713.81 per semester for full time. Projecting no increases in tuition for four years, it would cost you a total of $37,710.48 in tuition and fees to obtain a four year degree. If you […]

Why the 3 Percent is Beating the 30 Percent and Will Target Churches Next

As I pointed out in a “When Gays Fire-Bombed a Church: ‘Gay Rights or Gay Riots,’” Christians have been the target in the homosexual debate going back more than 30 years. Homosexuals learned that by attacking one church or one person at a time, they could get pro-homosexual precedents established. They also learned that there […]

There is No Executive Order on Amnesty

Many of you are sports fans and will know that in many sports a player or team can accomplish a lot by faking out their opponent(s). In football, a quarterback will fade back, look at his receivers on one side of the line and act like he’s going to pass the ball to them. Then […]

Obama Tax Policies Driving Record Number of Americans to Renounce Citizenship

The Obama administration has been setting a number of records. Some of the records they have set they wish never happened like the record number of gun sales in each of the last four years. Obama’s anti-gun efforts have been a boon to gun and ammunition sales. However, most of the records set by the […]

Liberals Push for Illegals to Vote in NY

Remember when you were a kid? Maybe your family and friends got together to play a board game (what’s that?). You set up the board on a table, set out the pieces, and were ready to start. Invariably the question of the dice would come up. What if, during your roll, one of the dice […]

Dem Says Legalizing 11 Million Illegals Will Help Fix Obamacare

I’ve heard some pretty farfetched and bizarre statements out of Democrats in the past few years, especially from Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, but Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) may have just topped the charts. On Friday, Polis urged Congress to move ahead on the pathway of granting citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens as a […]

US Supreme Court Votes to Allow Voter Fraud

The Democrats have just won a huge victory in the US Supreme Court that could effectively keep them in power indefinitely. In 2004, Arizona voters passed Proposition 200 which required everyone wanting to register to vote to produce the necessary documents to prove that they were a US citizen.  Prop 200 required anyone renewing a […]

Rubio Says Obama’s Path to Citizenship for Illegals is Dead on Arrival

Over the weekend, USA Today leaked a draft of the White House immigration bill.  At the heart of the bill is a plan to allow all of the illegal immigrants to apply for a Lawful Prospective Immigrant visa. In order to qualify for the LPI visa, the illegal immigrant would have to pass a criminal […]

Should Illegal Aliens Be Allowed to Practice Law in U.S.?

In 1978, the Garcia family illegally crossed the U.S./Mexico border into California.  They have remained in the U.S. ever since.  At the time of their illegal crossing, their son Sergio was only 17 months old. Sergio Garcia has grown up in the United States and taken advantage of the educational system by earning a high […]