VA Now Using Your Tax Dollars to Treat Transgenders

Last year we learned that the Veterans Administration was allowing thousands of veterans to die instead of treating them. It was discovered that over 100,000 veterans waited for months before ever getting an appointment to see a doctor and get treated. When news of what was happening became known to the public, who then became […]

OH Dept. of Health Allows Cleveland Abortion Clinic to Endanger Lives of Women

A year ago, I asked the question: “How many women and unborn children have to be sacrificed on the abortion altar of liberalism before God destroys our nation?” I then reported: “Lakisha Wilson, a 22 year old Columbus, Ohio woman looks to be another victim of legalized abortion. At five months along in her pregnancy, […]

Women to Face $1,000 Fine for Complaining about Men Using Ladies Restrooms

Ladies, imagine how you would feel if you were using a ladies restroom and a man walked in on you. Or imagine that your high school daughter was showering and changing in the girl’s locker room after her physical education or sports class and a boy walked in on her. You would be frightened and […]

3 Abortion Clinics Fail to Report Rape and Abuse of 12 Year Old Girl

Reporting sexual and physical abuse of a minor is required by law for schools and medical facilities including abortion clinics. Law enforcement and Child Protective Services often move quickly to protect the minor once a report has been made. I’ve heard of cases where teachers and school officials were found guilty of charges for failing […]

Democrats, Cleveland and Women Hostages

The Democratic Party is the party of slavery. Like the plantation owners of early America, Democrats want to own you and control every aspect of your life.  In fact, all through history, the Democratic Party endorsed and fought to protect slavery as a vital institution. They are still fighting for slavery today.  Think about it.  […]

See Something? Say Something So The Cops Can Ignore You

Anyone who joins the police force out of a conviction that he is called to protect and serve society is making a virtuous decision. We all know the basic rationale for civil government is to protect us from crime and exploitation. We believe, rightly, that everyone should get that protection regardless of age or sex […]

Were Election Computers Programmed in Ohio to Give Obama the Victory?

Ohio has long been considered to be one of the most important swing states in the nation. In recent decades whoever wins Ohio seems to also win the White House.  This year, Barack Obama won the election in Ohio by only 103,481 votes out of the total of 5,291,039 votes. This is a difference of […]

Obama Buying Votes With Free Phones & Union Pays People to Protest Romney Visit

On Wednesday, Mitt Romney was campaigning in Bedford OH, a suburb of Cleveland.  Bedford is a small town of less than 15,000 people.  It’s not a rich town either as the median household income is around $37,000.  The town has a diverse racial mix of 53% white, 42% black and rest a mixture of Asian, […]