College Students Show They’ve Learned to Embrace Racism, Socialism

Thursday was the day that college students across the nation chose to demonstrate what they’ve learned on their parents’ dime. Unfortunately, what was demonstrated mostly was racism and socialism coupled with an alarming lack of self-awareness or common sense. The wave of student protests seems to be inspired at least in part by the recent […]

Don’t Listen To Bureaucrats About The National College Dropout Rate

US News and World Reports recently ran a story on their website: “National College Graduation Rates Slowly Rise.” The idea of the article is that the college dropout rate is a national problem that must be solved. I don’t doubt that there are many students who drop out for bad reason and who hurt themselves […]

You May Even Get Some Education at College, Among Other Things

This year was a pretty busy summer for our family. Our 17-year-old son must decide what college he will go to. He is homeschooled, which means he hasn’t been drugged with Ritalin, hasn’t spent time in idiotic activities that have nothing to do with education, and has had enough time to both finish his general […]