ACLU Board Member Urges People to Kill Supporters of Donald Trump

Liberals apparently don’t know the meaning of the word liberal. “Classical liberalism is a political ideology that values the freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets — as well as limited government.” Liberal used to mean “liberty.” Today, liberalism means “if you don’t do what we say as […]

Colorado’s Post Aurora Gun Laws Failed in Colorado Springs Shootings

I just posted about Barack Obama wanting to enact stricter gun control laws that would turn all of America into a killing zone just like Chicago and Baltimore. Many of the areas within our nation that have the highest incidents of gun violence are those with the toughest gun laws. Let’s add Colorado to that […]

Why it’s Impossible to Soften Language against Killing Unborn Babies

Pro-abortionists blame “hateful rhetoric,” a phrase used by Planned Parenthood in a statement, for the shootings at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Like clockwork and in unision, pro-abortion supporters took up the Planned Parenthood media handbook on how to divert attention from what happens daily at Planned Parenthood facilities: unborn babies are […]

Negative Impact of Colorado’s Legal Marijuana Use After Just 1 Year

On January 1, 2014, Colorado legalized the medical and recreational use of Marijuana. They claimed that it would add millions of dollars to the state’s revenue via state taxes which includes a 2.9% sales tax, 10% special sales tax and 15% excise tax, meaning the state would collect $27.90 for every $100 of recreational marijuana […]

An Atheist and a Homosexual Support Kim Davis

The threat of tyranny makes strange bedfellows. Many liberals have attacked Kim Davis for keeping her oath to uphold the Kentucky constitution. As you know by now, the Blue Grass State’s constitution forbids same-sex marriage. It was voted on by the people and the prohibition was written into the constitution. Nearly 75% of the voters […]

Murdered Baby Spawns Effort to Change Law

Michelle Wilkins of Colorado experienced one of the most horrifying events a mother could face. At seven months pregnant, Wilkins was looking forward to the birth of her daughter. She had found a woman on Craigslist that was selling baby clothes, so Wilkins traveled to the home of Dynel Catrece Lane. Once inside Lane’s home, […]

190,000 Coloradoans Losing Health Insurance Thanks to Democratic Leadership

“If you like your current health plan, you can keep it.” Barack Obama’s infamous lie to the American people resulted in nearly 6 million Americans having their healthcare plans cancelled. Obama’s lie was followed up by his illegal action when he issued his announcement to insurance companies to stop cancelling pre-existing healthcare plans that did […]

Colorado Bakery Accused of Discrimination Over Anti-Gay Bible Cake

There have been a growing number of cases where Christian business owners have been charged with discrimination for running their business according to their faith. Bakers, photographers and venue owners have all faced charges for refusing to take orders for or participate in homosexual weddings. A few of these Christian business owners have closed their […]

Colorado Governor Says Parents Not Capable of Educating Their Kids

Are there any Democratic politicians that favor homeschooling? If there are, they are few and far between and I know why. The Democratic Party should rightfully be renamed the Democratic Socialist Party as they strive to endorse many socialist programs and agendas. One of the primary socialist agendas is to require all kids to attend […]

Former Governor Explains How to Destroy America in Eight Steps

Richard Lamm was the former Governor of Colorado. In 2005, he gave a speech on the dangers of multiculturalism and the eight things than can be done to destroy America. (I was suspicious at first that the speech actually took place, but did some checking and determined that Gov. Lamm did give the speech.) Here […]

High Grade US Marijuana Being Smuggled into Mexico

How often have we heard that marijuana is a Gateway drug? For many users and abusers of drugs, marijuana is a gateway drug for other substances that are far worse. I happen to believe, at least for some, that this is true, but that’s not the Gateway to which I’m referring. The Gateway I’m talking […]

Colorado Voter Fraud the Wave of the Future

Evidently Colorado has been working hard to obtain the crown of biggest voter fraud state in the nation. They have some stiff competition, but with Governor John Hickenlooper’s 2013 signing of a new election law, I’m sure they feel confident. The 2013 law has effectively nullified Election Day in Colorado. All ballots are now mailed […]