Income Equality Has Made the Poor Wealthy

You may have heard the story of a teacher who taught a lesson about income equality. A college class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one should be poor and no one should be rich. Income equality should be the goal for a just society. The professor put their argument to the test […]

White House Recruits Librarians to Sell Obamacare

Remember the famous words of then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she told America that we need to pass Obamacare in order to find out what’s in it?  The closer we get to the full implementation of Obamacare, the more we are learning what all is involved with Obama’s socialized medicine. One of the latest […]

Is the Internet Destroying a Generation?

Trevor Baylis, one of Britain’s best-known inventors, said that the Internet is depriving children of crucial skills and knowledge, leaving the “Google generation” in danger of becoming “brain-dead.” Baylis, inventor of the wind-up radio and numerous devices for the disabled, was profiled by the Daily Mail. Baylis is concerned by what he sees happening to […]

World Wide Web’s Inventor Tells Government Snoops to Mind Their Own Business

When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, he wanted it to be a way for the common man to share information with family, friends, and even total strangers. One thing he didn’t want was for government to use the tool as a means for gathering private information about everyone who uses the Internet. Welcome […]