Conceal Carrier Politely Rebuffs Gun Control Fanatic

Over the years I’ve had a number of opportunities to converse, debate and even argue with anti-gun people who want more gun control and fewer people owning guns. I’ll admit that some of those conversations have gotten rather heated on both sides. Yes, I’ll also admit that I’m as fanatical about protecting my Second Amendment […]

Conceal Carry 1 – Armed Robber 0

Some states, run by conservatives who honor the Second Amendment rights to bear arms, have taken measures to allow most citizens to legally permitted conceal carry weapons in previously gun free zones. Over a year ago, Ohio made it legal for school administrators and faculty to obtain special training and licensing to carry conceal weapons […]

Maine Allows Citizens to Protect Themselves Without Permits

In 1986, only 8 states had a ‘shall issue’ permits for citizens to conceal carry weapons in public. Twenty-five states had a ‘may issue’ status for conceal carry permits and 16 states refused to issue permits for or allow carrying of concealed weapons. At the time, only Vermont had no restrictions on carrying concealed weapons […]

Michigan Senate Committee Votes To Allow Conceal Carry Weapons In Schools

The battle over gun control versus gun rights has been waging for some time now. Every time another school shooting takes place, Democrats continue to call for stricter gun control. They want universal background checks, limited purchases of guns and ammunition, banning of assault, assault-style and even semi-automatic guns and more gun free zones. They […]

More States Considering No Permit Required Conceal Carry Laws

Just when Barack Obama and his liberal tyrant friends have been pushing so hard to enact stricter anti-gun and Second Amendment defying laws, some states are looking to pass laws that would not require a special permit to carry a concealed weapon. Currently, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont and Wyoming do not require any special permit […]

Legal Gun Owners Should Avoid Maryland at All Cost

There are claims that members of Maryland’s law enforcement community target out-of-state license plates of legal gun owners. Once they input a license plate number, they find out if you have a gun permit or conceal carry permit in your home state and if you do they will find a reason to pull you over […]

Armed Citizen Uses Gun to Protect Woman in Domestic Dispute

What would you do if you were driving along and you saw a man in another car hitting his female passenger? Would you just watch in horror as the woman gets beaten or would you get involved to save her from the violence? In today’s society, most people are too afraid to get involved. They […]

Walgreens Would Prefer Pharmacist to be Shot to Death Rather Than be Allowed to Defend Himself

What would you do if you were a pharmacist that worked overnight at a 24 hour store that had been robbed in the past? Would you take measures to protect yourself and your fellow employees? Jeremy Hoven was faced with that question. He worked as a pharmacist at a 24 hour Walgreens in Benton Township, […]

Panera Gun Free Request Draws Huge Negative Reactions

Earlier this month, Panera Bread joined the ranks of places like Target, who have asked law abiding citizens to leave their guns at home. They believe that this will create a warmer, friendlier and safer environment for their customers. Ron Shaich’s, CEO of Panera Bread, read: “Within our company, we strive to create Panera Warmth. […]

Ohio Woman’s Conceal Carry Gun Saves Her from Abduction

Lancaster, Ohio is a fairly peaceful town of about 40,000 people that lies 30 miles southeast of Columbus. One of the nicknames for the city is Glass Town because it’s the home of Anchor Hocking, named for the Hocking River which flows through the town. Many residents of Lancaster believe it to be a safe […]

Report Shows Conceal Carry Reduces Murder and Violent Crimes

Liberals like Barack Obama and Joe Biden keep telling Americans that the more people there are that have guns the more incidents of shootings, violent crimes and murders will take place. This is nothing more than socialist hype intended to scare a dumbed down America into passing strict anti-gun laws so that we can be […]

Georgia’s New Safe Carry Law Takes Effect this Week

Amidst a great deal of controversy, the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014, a new law that protects people with conceal carry permits went into effect in Georgia this week. Proponents of the law are hailing it as a huge victory for the Second Amendment rights of Georgia gun owners. So what does the new […]