Former Congressman Gives Up on the GOP

Former congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado has had enough of the traitors in the GOP leadership. Like so many of us. In a blunt column published at Breitbart, Tancredo explains in no uncertain terms what he thinks of the way the GOP has been run during the time since he first joined the House of […]

School Dress Codes are Discriminatory against Conservatives, Christians and Southern Patriots

Over the past few years we’ve all seen and heard of students who were told to change their clothes, turn their shirts inside out or face disciplinary action for violating the school dress code. I think of the student who wore an NRA Second Amendment shirt to school and was told it violated the school […]

Trump Could Be Next Ross Perot and Give 2016 Election to Hillary

Ross Perot made billions of dollars by starting companies and selling them. In 1962, Perot founded Electronic Data Systems and sold it to General Motors in 1984. In 1988 he founded Perot Systems and sold it to Dell in 2009 for $3.9 billion dollars. In 1992, Perot ran for president as an Independent. His political […]

British Elections Paint Grim Future for Hillary’s 2016 Aspirations

Ever since the Bible, God and Jesus had been removed from our schools and government, liberalism is beginning to spread through America like a plague. In 1992, the plague elected Bill Clinton to be president. Clinton’s liberal politics not only spread through the land but it spread overseas as well. Tony Blair, then Prime Minister […]

Boehner Forcing House Conservatives to Abandon Campaign Promises Again

In 2010, Republicans won control of the House of Representatives and mistakenly elected Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) to be Speaker of the House. Republicans won control of House because they promised voters that they would stand up for their conservative values and not cave in to the tyrannical demands of Barack Obama and Senate Majority […]

Leftists Calling for Communism in the Name of Evolution

“The sanctification of the rights of individuals and their liberties today by libertarians and Tea Party conservatives is contrary to our evolved human nature as social animals. . . . The thought that it is both rational and natural for each of us to care only for ourselves, our own preservation, and our own achievements […]

Everybody’s Included but Conservatives

In his rather mundane speech the other night, Barack Obama said among the other nonsense he spouted, that the new Iraqi government must be more inclusive. A stable Iraqi government must be one that represents the country’s plethora of religious and ethnic minorities – that all must be represented. He said: “Once an inclusive government […]

I’m Proud to be Called a Crazy A**hole Conservative by Lois Lerner

We all knew Lois Lerner had something to hide. Now some of her emails confirm it. The following is from Politico: “Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner refers to some Republicans as ‘ass-holes’ and ‘crazies’ in an exchange from 2012, according to emails released by House Republicans on Wednesday. “‘Maybe we are through if there are that […]

IRS Employees Who Don’t Pay Taxes & are Disciplined Share $2.8 Million in Bonuses

Most of what we hear about the IRS lately involves their White House directed targeting of conservatives and Christians.  I say White House directed because when all of the targeting started, the IRS Commissioner visited the White House many more times than any other member of Obama’s Cabinet.  That cannot be a coincidence. In the […]

IRS Targeted Conservatives With Audits Too

Everybody knows the “phony scandal” with the IRS involved just a couple of boneheaded employees at one office who on their own decided to stall applications for nonprofit status, right? At least that seems to be the White House version that’s circulating around liberal circles. But House Ways and Means Committee Chairman David Camp, a […]

Army Stops Teaching Troops That Christians & Conservatives Are Hate Groups After Negative Publicity

Back in August, a number of bloggers, including myself, wrote about the US Army training programs that taught that many conservative and Christian organizations are hate groups and that their members were not welcome in the military.  The Army based its hate group classification on the ultra-liberal hate group known as the Southern Pacific Law […]

US Government Labels You and Me as Potential Terrorists

Before Barack Obama lied his way into the White House, the government definition of a terrorist was someone like Osama bin Laden and the Muslims responsible for the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  But since Obama usurped the presidency, the government has completely redefined what a terrorist or potential terrorist is.  […]