Conservatives Could Be Denied Guns because of ‘Mental Disorder’

Before you go to see your doctor, make sure you have purchased all the guns and ammo you think you’ll need. After some seemingly innocent probing about your lifestyle and beliefs, he or she may consider you to be a danger to yourself, your family, and others (mostly the liberal establishment). A slipshod diagnosis may […]

Teen Obsessed with TV Serial Killer ‘Dexter’ Murders and Dismembers Girlfriend

Life is cheap today in a world of elective abortions and calls for death panels. It was Ezekiel Emanuel, who was involved in the creation of Obamacare, said that he hopes to die by age 75. “Why I Hope to Die at 75 “An argument that society and families—and you—will be better off if nature […]

Teaching of Creation is as Bad as Radical Islam

You can’t fight one brand of extremism with another brand of extremism. Moreover, just because a radical group believes something does not mean that everything the group believes is wrong. For example, Adolf Hitler got behind the “people’s car” project. We know it as the Volkswagen. “In 1933, with many of the above projects still […]

Poll Shows Public Schools Gaining Ground in Brainwashing Students To Believe In Evolution

The Bible is very clear that God created the earth, universe, life and man in six literal twenty-four hour days a little over 6,000 years ago.  Two centuries ago, some naturalists began to try to find ways to disprove the biblical account of creation.  All they had to do was to find a way to […]

Tinkering With DNA Could Ensure Children Grow Up Politically Correct

In Kentucky, some Republican lawmakers are upset that the ACT, one of those tests high school students must take to prepare for college, requires kids to understand the theory of evolution. The lawmakers question why creationism isn’t also taught in science classrooms as an alternative, rather than the “one theory only” approach that accompanies science […]

Indiana’s Creationism Bill

The Indiana Senate approved a bill that would have allowed creationism to be taught alongside evolution in public school classrooms.  It would have been taught as an alternative theory on the origins of life. The creationism bill then was sent over to the state House for consideration.  The House revised the bill to allow the […]

The Evolution Theory Needs Government Help to Survive

There is only one way for a bankrupt company to continue its existence: if it gets a special treat from the government in the form of monopoly or government bailout. There is only one way for a bankrupt theory based on lies and mythology to continue its existence: if it gets a special treat from […]