Why There Won’t be any ‘Rapefugees’ in Texas

When two years ago a Texas father beat his daughter’s rapist to death, no one in Texas had any doubts as to what the decision of the Grand Jury would be. The law in Texas not only allows but specifically authorizes the use of lethal force to prevent sexual assault. In this, the state gives […]

Is Death Penalty Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

Which is crueler? The rape and murder of a mother and her two daughters or the execution of the man who did it? To liberals the answer is simple – they believe that it’s crueler to execute the criminal than what he did to his victims. Their solution is to allow the criminal to spend […]

Liberals Only Support the Death Penalty for Unborn Babies

Nancy Gertner, a retired federal judge and a professor at Harvard Law School, writing an opinion piece for the Boston Globe, is morally outraged that the jury in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the Boston Marathon bombing trial unanimously chose the death penalty instead of life imprisonment for the multi-murderer and terrorist. Here’s some […]

What to Do with Kidnappers and Child Abductors

Over the weekend, “suspected Boko Haram Islamists armed with explosives attacked a series of churches on Sunday near Chibok, the northeastern town where more than 200 teenage girls were kidnapped in April, witnesses said.” What’s the solution? First, track them down. Second, put them on trial. Third, if convicted, put them to death. There’s no […]

Abortion Video and Dr. Manny Alvarez’s Tepid Response

“Recently, Emily Letts, a 25-year-old abortion counselor at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center in New Jersey, filmed herself undergoing an abortion at the facility where she works.” This is how Dr. Manny Alvarez, a frequent Fox News contributor on medical issues, begins his article about this morally and mentally sick woman. I don’t know who […]

Fox News Analyst: NSA Whistleblower Deserves Death Penalty

If you’re like Lindsey Graham, and you think that there’s nothing at all wrong with our over bloated, corrupt, scandal-ridden government snooping on, collecting, and storing electronic data on every single American, then you’ll call NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden a traitor who has threatened America’s national security. I mean, what could be wrong with what […]

Are Boston Liberals Secretly Happy There Is A Federal Death Penalty?

With three people murdered initially at the Boston Marathon, and more during the manhunt, the death penalty seems like a worthy topic of conversation. One of the absolute rules of the Bible is that no one has the authority to overlook or leave unpunished intentional homicide. There is room to argue about the rules as […]

Death Penalty Would Have Saved Lives of NY Firemen

On Christmas Eve, firefighters from Webster, NY responded to a house fire.  Soon after arriving on the scene, shots rang out and four firemen fell to the ground.  The rest of the firefighters took cover and radioed that they were being shot at and that they had firemen who had been shot. Soon after, police […]

Quadriplegic Rapist Goes Free

Steven Martinez was serving a 157-year term in prison for running over two women with his car in 1998, kidnapping one of them, absconding with her to an island somewhere and raping her repeatedly. Three years into his sentence, he got into a fight with other inmates, and he got stabbed in the neck, which […]

Liberals Are Hiders and Hypocrites

I was reading an ongoing discourse between several commenters to an article posted on Last Resistance.  The article in question dealt with a school bus driver who bullied a 12 year old boy because he was a Romney supporter.  When the boy told the bus driver that Obama supported abortion, the bus driver told him […]

Oregon Governor Says Okay to Kill Self but Not Murderers

Oregon governor John Kitzhaber has just taken it upon himself to go against the vote of the people and the state constitution and end the death penalty as long as he is governor. Kitzhaber was an emergency room physician when he entered into state politics.  He was first elected governor in 1995 and served until […]

Eye Witnesses: Is Seeing Really Believing?

After the recent execution of convicted murdered Troy Davis, the question of how trustworthy eyewitness accounts are has surfaced.  In the case of Davis, the one eyewitness who originally testified against him eventually recanted their testimony. Now days, many a person has been convicted of a crime based upon the eyewitness testimony of just one […]