Of Course We should Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism

  The brilliant Dennis Prager has written an excellent defense of conservatives who demand that “moderate Muslims” take a harder stand against Islamic terrorism. In recent days, liberals have joined with Muslim apologists to decry the idea that Muslims should be asked to stand with us against terrorism and Prager answers these critics well. For […]

The Dummies Guide to Understanding the Iran Nuclear Deal and Why It’s Bad

The brilliant Dennis Prager has a wonderful new video up at Prager University explaining why the Iran Nuclear Deal is such a loser. Here is the “course” description from Prager’s YouTube page: Is the nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran a good or bad deal? Would it be harder or easier for Iran […]

Ann Coulter says that Liberals are Distorting History for their Own Purposes

  The popular but divisive author and political thinker Ann Coulter was a guest on Dennis Prager’s radio show to discuss her new book “Demonic: How the liberal mob is endangering America.” The book is a discussion of the similarities between the French Revolution and the way that liberals have been advocating and agitating for […]

Three Cheers for Intolerance

We expect secular humanists and others like them to celebrate the idea of tolerance as the greatest good, but sadly many believers have also hopped on to this foolish bandwagon. It is as if the greatest virtue is now tolerance and the greatest vice is intolerance. Well, it is time for some straight thinking here. […]

Harvard Professor Tells Us that We’ve Evolved to “Need Coercion”

For a number of years I have written on the ethical implications of evolution. If evolution is true, the atheistic variety, there are no moral absolutes. This is not to say that atheistic evolutionists are not moral. Many of them are just as moral as non-atheists. While they may be moral and espouse a moral […]