Obama’s Efforts to Keep America Dependent on Foreign Enemy Oil

Would you not expect the leaders of this country to strive to make us energy independent and no longer begging at the feet of nation’s that hate us for some of their of their precious oil? So why have Democrats worked so hard to prevent America from becoming energy independent? When Jimmy Carter was the […]

‘Housewives are Dependent Creatures Who are Still Children – Parasites’ Says Feminist

According to Scripture, the noblest profession for any woman is that of wife and mother and keeper of the home.  The Bible describes the attributes of a good housewife in Proverbs 31:10-31.  It’s an industrious life of not only caring for her family, but for also spending some of her time making things like clothing […]

One in Five Americans Dependent on Government

One of the basic tenets of a socialistic takeover of a nation is get as many citizens as possible to depend on the government for some form of aid.  The more the people rely on the government, the less they rely on themselves and the churches.  This is taught in Marxism 101. To determine where […]

Government: America’s #1 Addiction

Depending upon which expert you ask, you will hear that the number one addiction in the United States will range from tobacco, alcohol or pornography.  But have you ever considered the possibility that government, state and federal, may be the top addiction in the county? Millions of Americans have become dependent upon the government to […]