DHS Has No Clue How Many Syrian Refugees Arrived Last Year

There’s been a tremendous amount of controversy over the Obama administration’s plans on allowing thousands of Syrian refugees into America. Over half of the governors in the nation have told Washington that they refuse to accept Syrian refugees due to security and safety issues, especially after learning that one of the Paris terrorists entered Europe […]

Feds Hypocrisy over Driver’s Licenses, Voter IDs and Illegal Aliens

When Arizona passed their controversial immigration bill in 2010, the federal government went bonkers. They filed one legal challenge after another in an effort to keep the Grand Canyon state from protecting itself against Obama’s illegal aliens. One of Arizona’s measures denied illegals from obtaining valid state driver’s licenses, but the feds got their liberally […]

DHS Asking for $443 Million More After Wasting $360 Million on Failed Border Drones

Imagine yourself as the CEO of a large corporation. You had a great idea that would increase production and efficiency but it would be costly. Over the first eight years of your project, you spent $360 million and you only saw a 2% increase in efficiency in one area and a complete failure in other […]

Obama Still Thinks He’s Above the Law by Defying Federal Judge

I’ve lost count of how many times Barack Obama has broken the law and defied court orders. He acts as if he is above the law just like any other dictator has done. On February, Federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen issued an injunction to block Obama’s three year delayed deportation memo. After the injunction was […]

Is DHS Worth $60 Billion a Year?

That question may seem ludicrous to some but think about it for minute. What has the Department of Homeland Security done to really protect the American people? Most of the possible or wanna be terrorists we hear about have been captured due to other agencies like the FBI and NSA. The DHS was knee jerk […]

Obama’s DHS Punishes Border Patrol Agents for Reporting Large Groups of Illegals

Barack Obama is dead set to destroy America for the sake of gaining millions of illegal voters. Every one of his delayed deportation programs are not only illegal but they are intentionally designed to allow millions of the illegals the opportunity to register and vote in upcoming elections by allowing them to obtain valid state […]

Democrats Block DHS Funding Bill then Blame GOP for Possible Shutdown

Most of us have seen someone who did something and the blamed someone else for what they did. It’s common in many children, but as we grow up and mature, we’re supposed to learn to take responsibility for our own actions. Unfortunately in today’s America, far too many adults have never learned this important lesson. […]

Are You and I Real Terror Threats to the US? DHS Says Yes!

Who are the real terror threats to America? I suspect if you asked people on the street that question that you would hear answers ISIS, Islamic terrorists, Taliban, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Palestinian Authority, Barack Obama, Democrats and Congress, not necessarily in that order. If you posed that same question to the Department of Homeland Security who […]

Will Boehner Stand His Ground On DHS Shutdown or Will He Cave to Obama as Usual?

Since assuming the position of Speaker of the House in January 2011, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) has a track record of saying one thing and then caving in to Obama’s demands. I often wonder if Compromise is Boehner’s middle name due to his failure to back up his own words. Once again, Boehner is posturing […]

DHS Official Caught Selling US Citizenship to Illegals

It’s no secret that liberal Democrats want to turn 11 to 15 million illegal aliens into US citizens and registered Democrats. Barack Obama has been on the verge of using his executive powers to override Congress and grant amnesty and open the road to citizenship for the millions of illegals. I believe his whole purpose […]

Muslim Brotherhood Sympathizer Finally Fired from DHS Security Job

Last year I wrote about Mohamed Elibiary who had been promoted to a senior fellow position on the Department of Homeland Security Advisor Council. The role of the Advisory Council is: “The Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) provides advice and recommendations to the Secretary on matters related to homeland security. The Council comprises leaders from […]

DHS Increases Airline Security While Leaving Borders Wide Open

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced that they were taking steps to increase security at overseas airports that had direct flights into the US. His statement reads: “DHS continually assesses the global threat environment and reevaluates the measures we take to promote aviation security. As part of this ongoing process, I have directed […]