Drunk Drivers Should be Imprisoned and Held Accountable for Murdering Others

One of my pet peeves is how lenient our judicial system is on drunk drivers. I understand that for some, drinking is an addiction that needs to be treated, but for others, it’s not an addiction. They know that they are going to be driving after drinking but choose to disobey the law and place […]

Police Want Your Blood at DUI Checkpoints

It’s one of Hollywood’s famous misquotes. “I want to suck your blood.” Bela Lugosi who played Dracula in 1931 never said it. It was used in Tim Burton’s 1994 film Ed Wood. It seems there is some real blood sucking going on, and it’s not just politicians wanting to raise our taxes so they can […]

Rick Perry Indicted for Doing Same Thing Obama Does

Democrats never like it when Republicans play by the same rules they do. When Democrats refuse to look at a bill proposed by Republicans, it’s called justifiable politics. When Republicans refuse to consider a bill proposed by Democrats, it’s called bad politics and unwillingness to compromise. Barack Obama often threatens to veto anything the Republicans […]

Colorado Earns Millions from Pot & Spending A Million to Counter It’s Effect

Last year, Colorado’s liberal Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper signed several bills into law that allow for the growing and selling of marijuana for both medical and recreational use.  Many people may believe that this is just part of the same liberal agenda that legalizes same-sex marriages and strips law-abiding gun owners of their firearms, but […]

The Police/“Citizen” Double Standard

The Arizona police had stopped a man for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence. They gave him a blood test and found evidence that he had been smoking marijuana within the last two to four weeks. Arizona’s law specifies the presence of “the metabolite” of THC. The metabolite that actually makes a user “high” is […]

Supreme Court Could Allow Police To Take Your Blood Without Warrant

A couple years ago, a Missouri man named Tyler McNeely was pulled over for speeding. According to the cop that pulled him over Cpl. Mark Winder, he appeared drunk and unsteady, so he asked that McNeely submit to a breath test. When McNeely refused, Winder took him to a hospital and ordered a blood test. […]

Some Advice to Mitt Romney if He Wins in November

The polls show a radical shift in support from Obama to Romney. The election isn’t over. There are two more debates and the inevitable “October Surprise.” Remember the release of George W. Bush’s 24-year-old DUI conviction. “The Bush DUI revelation was a hit job planted by a Democratic source that mushroomed into a big story […]

How Severely Should DUI Be Punished?

This may be a touchy topic for some of you and many may take exception to what I say, but in the light of several recent news stories, I feel it necessary to express my opinion on the subject of driving while under the influence and more specifically, driving while drunk. My question is, how […]