18 Spectacularly Wrong Earth Day Apocalyptic Predictions

Predicting the end of the world is not confined to religious prophecy writers. Liberals have used predictions about the near end of something — anything — as a way to call for more government interference in our lives. “You never want a serious crisis go to waste” has been the liberal mantra even before Rahm […]

It’s Earth Day, Buy an SUV

Just in time for the annual silliness that is Earth Day, a report issued by car-buying website Edmunds.com finds that record numbers of people are trading in their electric and hybrid vehicles for SUVs. The study found that in 2015 to date, about 22 percent of drivers who have traded in a hybrid or electric vehicle bought […]

Failed Predictions About the Demise of the Earth on Earth Week

In case you missed it, it was Earth Day yesterday. Frankly, I don’t know how you could. If you turned on the TV, a radio, or went on any Internet search engine you could not help but notice the in-your-face green themes. Oh, and I’m sure this is just a happy accident, but yesterday was […]

‘Population Bomb’ Scientist Predicts the End of Humanity

Earth Day, founded on the centennial of Vladimir Lenin’s birth (April 22, 1970), is a scam. It’s not that we shouldn’t be concerned about our world. We should. People who own their own stuff tend to take better care of the things they own. The same cannot be said for the collective where ownership is the prerogative […]