Bernie Sanders’ Tweet Disqualifies Him from Holding any Political Office

Not only should Bernie Sanders step down as a presidential candidate, but he should also resign from the Senate. The problem is that it’s not just Sanders who doesn’t know anything about economics. Most Democrats and not a few Republicans don’t know much about economics, and if they do know the fundamentals of economics, they […]

UFC Champion Ronda Rousey Explains Economics in a Way Democrats Will Hate

I don’t follow Ultimate Fighting, but I do keep my eye on all kinds of news stories. You never know when you’ll find something of value. Ultimate Fighting champion Ronda Rousey understands value and economics. Rousey “was asked by a reporter . . . about her thoughts on the gender pay gap in sports,” in […]

Conservative Victory: Americans are Migrating En Masse from Blue States to Red States

I’ve had the same conversation dozens of times. Whenever a liberal wants to debate economic policy, they always use the same tired numbers comparing major liberal population centers like New York City with conservative exurban areas that are far from any major city. “Why,” they say, “if conservative policies are so much better, is the […]

It’s a Conspiracy: Bilderberg Group Gathers for Annual Meet

The Bilderberg Group is one of the central figures in many of the conspiracy theories that get circulated. It was founded in 1954, expressly for the purpose of bringing together movers and shakers in Europe and North America to foster ongoing dialogue about topics of the day. Attendance is by invitation only, and the discussions […]

NJ Failed Pension Program Reflects Chris Christie’s Questionable Economic Policies

Although he has not officially declared himself to a 2016 presidential candidate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has sure been posturing like he his. A number of early polls show Christie to be an early front runner for the GOP ticket which does not bode well for the Republican Party. Christie acts more like a […]

Hillary Backs Off ‘Corporations Don’t Make Jobs’ Comment — But Not Really

A few days after Hillary Clinton said that corporations and businesses don’t create jobs, she’s trying to distance herself from her very own “you didn’t build that” moment. On Friday, she said at a rally in Massachusetts, “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.” Because obviously the government fairy […]

Americans Believe It’s OK for Governments to Steal for Them

What is the first principle of economics? Some economists will claim that it’s supply and demand, while others insist that it’s scarcity or the division of labor. The first principle of economics is “thou shalt not steal.” The word economics is derived from two Greek words: oikos, meaning “house,” and nomos, meaning “law.” Combined we […]

Pope Francis Doesn’t Know Much about Economics

Pope Francis has stepped in the deep end of the political pool with his attack on capitalism. As with any translation into English, maybe we’re reading him wrong. I haven’t seen anything that corrects any misunderstanding of what the Pope was saying. President Obama got in the act and agreed with Pope Francis. That ought […]

US Taxpayers To Help Detroit While They Spend Millions On New Hockey Arena

What do you get from 51 years of Democratic rule in one of America’s major cities?  You get a deficit of nearly $20 billion and a city filing for bankruptcy.  What is the typical Democratic solution to such a financial crisis?  They spend more money that they don’t have. In August, we learned that the […]

“Kept Republicans”: Prominent Right-Wingers Who Sound Very Liberal

We’ve had a wide variety of conservative: the neo-cons, the paleo-cons and most recently the crunchy cons. Have you ever noticed how many of the most prominent conservative voices in America sound more like liberals? I have, and I believe they are in class all their own. They have a special mission and fit a […]

John Stossel Doesn’t See Evidence for God and Liberals Don’t See Evidence for the Free Market

John Stossel has been a consistent spokesman for free market economics. Thomas Sowell recommends Stossel’s latest book No, They Can’t! as a great Christmas gift. I agree. “It is written with a light touch, but gets across some pretty heavy stuff about economics. The title is a take-off on Obama’s old slogan, ‘Yes, we can!’” […]

The Economic Implications of the Impending Election

This article represents a rough transcription of the speech I recently delivered to the annual donor’s conference of the Center for Cultural Leadership in northern California. For more information on the Center, where I serve as Senior Fellow of Economics and Finance, please click here. I have written of and spoken about many, many reasons […]