Hillary’s Foreign Policy: Love, Love, Love

Not only is Hillary Clinton a chronic liar and opportunist, but we shouldn’t forget another key aspect of her personality, that she is a child of the sixties. At least that would help explain one of her dumber statements, which she gave on the Lifetime channel during an interview that aired Wednesday. Not exactly a […]

Trump Could Be Next Ross Perot and Give 2016 Election to Hillary

Ross Perot made billions of dollars by starting companies and selling them. In 1962, Perot founded Electronic Data Systems and sold it to General Motors in 1984. In 1988 he founded Perot Systems and sold it to Dell in 2009 for $3.9 billion dollars. In 1992, Perot ran for president as an Independent. His political […]

GOP May Have Majority but They Don’t Have Control

By Wednesday morning, November 5, 2014, Republicans were celebrating across the land that they had won control of the Senate and increased their lead over Democrats in the House. They believed that with control of both the Senate and House that they could accomplish a great deal and even reverse a number of Obama’s socialist […]

Can Louisiana Democrat Overcome Being a Democrat in Next Week’s Election?

The Republican take over the US Senate may not be over. In Louisiana, no one got 50% of the vote in the Senate race, so they are having a runoff election on Saturday, Dec. 6 between Democratic incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu and her Republican challenger Bill Cassidy. In the Nov. 4, election, Landrieu took 42.1% […]

Obama Hiding Obamacare Increases Until after November Election

Yesterday I wrote about how many people will be seeing a significant increase in their Obamacare health insurance premiums despite Obama’s promise to lower healthcare costs by $2,500 per family. It was reported that in some age categories, those increases could be as much as 50% to double the current premiums. Word has been getting […]

NY Billionaire Anti-Gun Mayor Funds Effort to Oust Candidates In Illinois Special Primary

Jesse Jackson Jr., son of racial activist Jesse Jackson, made headlines several times.  In October 2011, Jackson Jr. announced that President Barack Obama should declare a state of emergency and just bypass Congress by using his executive powers to enact his job plan.  Jackson Jr. went on to proposed a stimulus jobs plan that would […]

Obama Lied to Victim of Sandy to Win Votes

A little over a week before the Nov 6 election, Hurricane Sandy roared up the east coast and did its best to destroy several states.  The nation watched as over 6 million people were left without power or water.  A month later, some people are still without power.  Thousands of homes and businesses were totally […]

Election Results Quickly Takes Toll on Economy and Jobs

Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, we all learned that Barack Obama had won a second term as President.  Like so many elections in the past the news had an immediate effect on the nation. On Wednesday, the Stock Market was so thrilled with facing another four years of Obamanomics that it fell 313 points.  Wall […]

2012 Was a Romans 1 Election

So many people are asking what Republicans could have done different to win the election.  Was Mitt Romney the right person to run against Barack Obama?  Should Romney have been more aggressive in his attacks of Obama’s record and character? To be honest, I don’t know of any Republican that could have won the election! […]

Now Entering the Voter Intimidation Phase

With the president’s lackluster campaign and miserable four-year record nearly behind them and the media safely ignoring the Benghazi coverup, Democrats are stepping up the voter intimidation phase of the Obama re-election effort. King Obama, fresh off a harrowing series of Hurricane Sandy photo ops, returned to his usual ways, calling for supporters to seek […]

If We Had More Doctors, Romney Would Win

There is a huge black cloud on the horizon that’s slowly getting closer and closer.  Like all approaching violent storms, it has an ominous and foreboding look that sends many people to seek shelter, but leaves a few crazies standing outside, waiting to get struck by lightning or blown away by the winds.  The cloud […]

Couple Endures Death Threat, Vandalism Over Romney Sign

Business owners Dee and Gene Liboff of Woodland Hills, California, just wanted to show their support for Mitt Romney in the coming election by putting up a handmade sign in front of their home. But what they were shown in return is the ugly side of some Obama supporters. Ever since putting up the sign, […]