Emails Prove Obama Administration Refused to Help Benghazi Victims

Just how many lies have the Obama administration told Congress and the American people about what happened at the US State Department compound in Benghazi, Libya? First they lied to us by telling us the attack was prompted by an unknown garage-made anti-Islamic film that virtually no one had ever seen. A short time later […]

Why Are Democrats Still Supporting a Compulsive Liar?

Former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a compulsive liar and yet she continues to lead the polls for the Democratic choice for 2016. Are liberal Democrats that loyal to her or just plain stupid? Let’s start with the Benghazi scandal. Hillary first said the attack was due to an underground […]

Is Hillary Clinton Guilty of Perjury?

According to, the definition of ‘perjury’ is: “A crime that occurs when an individual willfully makes a false statement during a judicial proceeding, after he or she has taken an oath to speak the truth.” Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox’s The Kelly File and spoke of the strong possibility that Hillary Clinton committed perjury when testifying about her emails. Napolitano, the former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and current Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News told Shannon Bream: “I’ve […]

Hillary Clinton Proves She’s a Pathological Liar

Have you ever known a pathological liar? I have. They habitually lie about virtually everything and the moment the lie escapes their lips it becomes their reality and they truly believe their own lies to be the truth. I once recorded a confrontation with someone that I knew was a pathological liar. That person made […]

Hillary Clinton Caught in More Lies – Will She Ever Tell the Truth?

There is no other way around it but to say that Hillary Clinton is a habitual liar and the American people can never ever believe or trust a word that comes out of her mouth in the future! In March, Clinton held a press conference about her email scandal and tried to answer everyone’s questions […]

Lawsuit Filed Against Clintons for Possible Racketeering

“Somebody has to do it.” These are the words of Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch regarding the possible criminal actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Since Congress is afraid to act, it’s up to private citizens to investigate the Clintons and growing suspicions about the way they are using their Foundation for possible criminal acts. […]

Clinton Foundation Facing Major Scandal Says Sen. Rand Paul

Has there ever been a presidential candidate facing as many scandals as Hillary Clinton? She still hasn’t escaped the Benghazi scandal nor has she ever successfully answered all of the questions surrounding what really happened and why she failed to provide the security Ambassador Stevens kept requesting. I am still convinced that there should be […]

‘It Looks Like We’ve Been Lied To’ Says Rep. Mica about IRS Commissioner Koskinen

When the man occupying the White House gives instructions to carry out illegal targeting and harassment of his opponents, you can expect everyone involved to lie about what’s happening. They have no choice but to protect the man in charge, even if it means defying and lying to Congress with the possibility of facing criminal […]

IRS Committed Perjury: Admits It Never Looked for Missing Lerner Emails

Call it incompetence or deliberate cover-up, the latest revelation from the IRS further reveals just how corrupt they and the Obama administration are. Former IRS Supervisor Lois Lerner was quickly made to be the scapegoat for carrying out Barack Obama’s orders to target tea party and other conservative groups and to delay their applications for […]

I’m Proud to be Called a Crazy A**hole Conservative by Lois Lerner

We all knew Lois Lerner had something to hide. Now some of her emails confirm it. The following is from Politico: “Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner refers to some Republicans as ‘ass-holes’ and ‘crazies’ in an exchange from 2012, according to emails released by House Republicans on Wednesday. “‘Maybe we are through if there are that […]

7 of 10 Americans Believe IRS Emails Intentionally Destroyed

Guess what IRS? The American people don’t believe you! Everyone I know is saying ‘how convenient’ that the IRS just happened to lose the most vital emails to the targeting scandal because of a simple little computer crash. I’ve heard people say that it reminds them of the 18 minutes of accidentally erased Watergate tapes […]