Obamacare Employer Mandate Failing to Help Many Workers

The employer mandate part of Obamacare was hailed as one of the important hallmarks of Obama’s nationalized socialist healthcare system, along with the contraception and individual mandates. As of January 1 of this year every employer with 50 or more full-time employees was mandated to provide healthcare benefits to their workers. Full-time was defined as […]

Company to Fire Employees Working More Than 25 Hrs/Wk Due to Obamacare

The Obamacare employer mandate states that any employer with fifty or more employees must provide healthcare benefits to all of their full time employees. The mandate also changed the definition of full time employees to anyone working thirty or more hours per week. About a month ago, the White House stated that they have seen […]

Obama Negotiated with Big Business but Not GOP Over Obamacare

The whole government shutdown has been due to one thing only – President Obama says he will not negotiate with the Republicans over Obamacare.  He says Obamacare is the law and it will remain as it is without any changes or alterations. Great words from the world’s greatest hypocrite. Due to the pressure and complaints […]

Obamacare Cost Purdue University $2.8 Million & Others To Cut Staff Hours

When I first attended college, I went to Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ that cost me $45 a semester for 12 or more hours credit.  Two years later I attended Arizona State University.  I forget how much it cost when I first hit ASU, but I do recall that my last semester before graduation […]