Will the Apple Watch Become a Tracking Device?

In the 1988 film Enemy of the State a group of rogue NSA agents kill a US Congressman and try to cover up the murder. What the NSA agents don’t know is that a video camera had been set up by wildlife researcher Daniel Zavitz who captured the entire incident. When Zavitz views the recording, […]

Jesus of Nazareth, Enemy of the State, Executed for Treason

An Official Declaration Concerning the Criminal Jesus of Nazareth Jesus of Nazareth was executed on the orders of the Roman State. Method of execution: Crucifixion. The charge under Roman law was treason, and under Herodian law blasphemy against the Temple. The evidence against this anarchist was so strong that authorities of both the Roman State […]

A Technological Privacy Breakthrough that Scares Our Government

Anything that worries our government, I’m for. The old ways of resisting government have to change. Long-term planning needs to be part of the equation. A strategy to replace the existing government structure with a new one must also be in development. In the meantime, hiding from the government is a number one priority. But […]

Pentagon Says Enemy of State Not Enemy of State

Julian Assange is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks.  The questionable website dedicated itself to the online publication of secret and classified information and news leaks from virtually any source it can obtain them from. Over the past few years WikiLeaks has published thousands of pages of top secret and classified U.S. documents.  Some of […]