Candidate Hillary Clinton Is An Enemy to Women and Children

It was no secret or surprise when Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president on Sunday. Everyone had been expecting it, even before the 2012 presidential election was over. Hillary has always claimed to champion the causes for women and children, but in reality she’s the enemy of women and children. Let’s start with looking […]

Obama’s Efforts to Keep America Dependent on Foreign Enemy Oil

Would you not expect the leaders of this country to strive to make us energy independent and no longer begging at the feet of nation’s that hate us for some of their of their precious oil? So why have Democrats worked so hard to prevent America from becoming energy independent? When Jimmy Carter was the […]

Clinton Ally and Donor Investigated for Spying on US for Foreign Enemy

When Hilary Clinton was Secretary of State, I often wrote that I believed that her closest aide and confidant was guilty of spying and was most likely passing state secrets to the terrorist organization known at the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma Abedin was closer to Hilary Clinton than any other member of the State Department which […]

Obama Intentionally Exposing YOU to Deadly Diseases

How would you like to have a job where you were shot at by drug traffickers on the ground and from aircraft and where you were exposed to serious diseases such as tuberculosis, swine flu (H1N1), Ebola, dengue fever and chicken pox? Then consider the fact that working at this job really didn’t make much […]

Congress is Guilty of Treason

I’ve often written, accusing Barack Obama of treason against the United States, the Constitution and the people. Most recently, I wrote about 7 articles of treason that should be filed against Obama. After posting that article, I was talking to someone who asked why Congress hasn’t done anything to stop Obama or hold him accountable. […]

Obama Continues Treasonous Support of Muslim Brotherhood

I’ve been claiming for months that Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of treason as defined by Article 3, Section 3 of the United States Constitution.  From the moment he offered aid and support to the Egyptians rebels that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak to the establishment of the Muslim Brotherhood as the ruling party in […]

Obama Administration Paid Bribes to America’s Enemy

Would it surprise you to learn that the Obama administration had paid bribes as much as $850,000 to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders prior to the military takeover of the government? Hisham Barakat, Egypt’s Attorney General is investigating the bribery charges as well as other criminal charges against Mohammad Morsi and other top Muslim Brotherhood leaders.  […]

According to Biden, I Could Be a Terrorist and Enemy of the US but the Taliban Isn’t

A couple days ago, I wrote about the provision in the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow the President to have any US citizen suspected of being a terrorist arrested and detained indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay. The article went on to reveal that according to Homeland Security, anyone who is missing a finger or […]

US to Help Build New Office Building for Our #1 Enemy

It’s bad enough that the United States pay 22% of the total United Nations budget, but now we may end up paying the lion’s share of a new UN office building. The United Nations is in the final stages of purchasing a New York City playground on which it plans to build a new office […]

Aiding and Abetting the Enemy

Years past, many of America’s most successful military missions were those that had been kept secret.  The element of surprise can be a huge factor in the outcome of many operations. However, it seems that the media has decided to aid and abet all peoples and countries that America is at war with by announcing […]