Obama to Veto Exporting of Oil, Demands ‘Low-Carbon Economy’

Once again, America is set up to lose for the sake of Obama’s presidential bucket list. Demanding that Congress focus on transitioning to a “low-carbon economy,” the White House issued a statement that President Obama would veto a bill to eliminate the ban on exporting U.S. oil. The ban dates all the way back to […]

Derailed Train Carrying Crude Oil Proves Obama’s Opposition to Keystone Pipeline Not Environmental

Barack Obama and many Democrats continue to use the excuse of environmental concerns to block the approval and partial funding of the Keystone XL Pipeline. They contend that pipelines can leak or rupture, spilling crude which damages the environment. They cited some of the spills and leaks that have happened over the years with the […]

Obama’s Second Term Regulations That Will Destroy America

Just prior to the election Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) did an interview with WND concerning the surprise regulations that Pres. Obama had in store for after the election. These regulations will most likely go into effect in the very near future now that Obama won re-election. Inhofe told WND’s Greg Corombos that Obama is trying […]

The Economic Implications of the Impending Election

This article represents a rough transcription of the speech I recently delivered to the annual donor’s conference of the Center for Cultural Leadership in northern California. For more information on the Center, where I serve as Senior Fellow of Economics and Finance, please click here. I have written of and spoken about many, many reasons […]

Gallup Reveals Government Power Chasm Between Dems and GOP

One thing I’ve noticed in the past few elections is how far the two major political parties have been drifting apart.  The differences between the two parties this year have grown from a small ravine to the Grand Canyon.  The chasms are many and getting wider each day. One of the chasms that should be […]

Federal Lands Sit on Oil Deposit Bigger Than All Known Oil Reserves Combined

President Obama and the Left like to go on about energy independence, but they won’t do anything to actually achieve it. Solar, wind and biofuels are all technologies that aren’t ready to produce the kind of power we need to keep our country running, but the Left keeps on promoting them over technologies that are […]

Canada is Kicking America’s Economic Behind

If you’ve ever seen the film Canadian Bacon (1995), which was written, directed and produced by Michael Moore before he became obnoxious, you learn that Canada is of no real consequence to the United States. But since the US economy is in a rut and the president’s approval rating is in the toilet, the president’s […]

Is Obama Putting Votes Ahead of Energy and Jobs?

There is no doubt that America needs more jobs and needs to become more energy self-sufficient.  President Obama has been pushing his jobs bill and parts of it, over the past few months giving Americans the impression that he is genuinely concerned about them. But once again, Obama’s actions speak louder than words. The Keystone […]

20,000 Jobs v. Environmental ‘What Ifs’

I just don’t understand some people. Jobs, energy and the economy are the tops issues facing our nation.  About fifteen million Americans are out of work and America is dependent on oil from Venezuela and the Middle East.  Nothing would help the situation more than to create 20,000 new jobs while at the same time […]

President Ron Paul to Slash Own Salary

According to sources close to the Ron Paul campaign, the Republican candidate for President should be releasing part of his agenda later today in Las Vegas.  But if the sources are correct, Paul is about to shake the foundations of Capitol Hill. One of the first things to be unveiled is Ron Paul’s plan to […]

Europe’s Crusade Against Coffee Makers

Bureaucrats are a busy crowd. They always find different things to work on to justify their salaries. Earlier this year, for example, a 62-page report was published in the European Union, written by government paid “researchers,” on the environmental effects of “non-tertiary coffee makers.” Non-tertiary, that is, non-commercial. The coffee makers people have in their […]

Who’s Holding America Hostage?

At the moment, the United States is being held hostage with its need for oil.  Most people believe that it is the Middle East countries and Venezuela that is holding us hostage.  Other’s believe it is the oil industry itself holding us hostage and gouging our wallets every time we pull up to the gas […]