Global Warming Makes More Weak-Minded Democrats

Because there aren’t enough real issues to keep our government occupied, President Obama poked his head up out of his foxhole to do a little fear mongering about global warming this week. Actually, he didn’t poke his head out (possibly afraid to see his shadow) so much as hand a memo to the nearest PR […]

Obama Plan May Change Climate Temperature 0.001 Degree

What is there not to like about Emperor Obama’s global warming plan, which he submitted to the United Nations on Tuesday? It’s going to directly cost hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars, untold billions or trillions more in economic growth. White House flying monkeys have already announced it’s going to be put into place by […]

Derailed Train Carrying Crude Oil Proves Obama’s Opposition to Keystone Pipeline Not Environmental

Barack Obama and many Democrats continue to use the excuse of environmental concerns to block the approval and partial funding of the Keystone XL Pipeline. They contend that pipelines can leak or rupture, spilling crude which damages the environment. They cited some of the spills and leaks that have happened over the years with the […]

How You Can Become a Tree After You Die

I saw a post on Facebook by an environmental group that actually makes some sense. It’s called “Bios Urn.” It’s “a fully biodegradable urn designed to convert you into a tree after life. Mainly composed by two parts, the urn contains a seed which will grow to remember your loved one. Bios Urn turns death into […]

Absurd Reasons Why Liberals Hate Conservatives

It’s not hard to find people who are ignorant about other people’s beliefs. All you have to do is watch man-in-the street interviews. A good portion of the population is ignorant on a whole host of topics. Even students at some very prestigious universities are more familiar with the latest Kardashian event than with what’s […]

Woody Allen says Life is Meaningless and I Would Assume Without Morals

An atheist post on Facebook got me thinking about the meaning of life. The post was about how beef production is ten times more damaging to the environment than automobiles. Putting aside the factual basis of the study and who funded it, I raised a couple of questions: “I thought you were an atheist. Woody […]

The Fires of Moloch: Aborted Children Fuel Oregon ‘Green’ Power

The British Columbia Health Ministry has admitted that the bodies of aborted children are among the medical waste delivered to a company in Oregon that burns the material to generate electricity for public use. In an email to the B.C. Catholic, the ministry said that biomedical waste shipped to the United States for incineration includes […]

Environmentalism Comes With Human Cost

Sitting in the dark in the midst of yet another rain-caused blackout in “drought-stricken” California, I’m reminded of how woefully inadequate are the state’s preparations for normal weather phenomena. While it’s de rigueur for liberals to talk about “extreme” weather in their ongoing bid to induce global-warming-related panic on a gullible populace, it’s the little […]

What’s Really Behind Obama’s New Climate Plan?

President Barack Obama is planning on announcing his latest climate plan on Tuesday.  In a tweet sent out by the White House was included a link to a video on his announcement.  On the video, Obama said: “This Tuesday, I’ll lay out my vision for where I believe we need to go — a national […]

Fascist City Arrests Two Moms for Opposing ‘Smart Meters’ in Homes

Two Naperville, Illinois, mothers found out what happens to Americans who think they can determine for themselves what is in their best interests. Malia “Kim” Bendis and Jennifer Stahl were arrested when the city sent around armed police officers to escort power company technicians to install “smart meters” on private homes where owners had previously […]

How to Defuse a Pro-Abortionist’s Arguments

In the past, I have engaged a number of people who are pro-abortion.  When I defend my pro-life stance, I’ve always turned to Scripture and the sanctity of life that it teaches.  As a result, the encounter generally does little change either of our options.  I’m not saying it’s wrong to turn to Scripture, but […]

Hottest July Since 1930s Dust Bowl — or Maybe Just Fodder for Obama’s Re-election

We all remember the story of Chicken Little, who cried, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” and got his entire community worked up over nothing. How about the boy who cried, “Wolf!” just for a laugh. When he’d fooled the town a couple of times, the townsfolk refused to come to his aid […]