Donald Trump’s Favorite Bible Verse Doesn’t Exist… and It Gets Worse

Donald Trump is being called out for some possible pandering over his recent comments on Scripture. For the last few months one of Donald Trump’s constant refrains on the campaign trail has been about his love of the Bible. Speaking of the Bible, Trump told the Christian Broadcasting Network in an interview, “There’s so many […]

Ten Tenets of Conservatism that are Antidotes to Liberalism

The 2016 presidential election season has begun and already the left is attacking the Republicans. They have already begun to tear down our more conservative presidential candidates. Popular Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who has been atop most polls recently, is a perfect example, with the left’s lame attempt to cast him as a dunce due […]

Professors Say a 90 Percent Tax Would be Good for America

Would you work just as hard if the government took 90 percent of what you earned over a certain amount? Fabian Kindermann, from the University of Bonn, Germany, and Dirk Krueger from the University of Pennsylvania, not only think you would but that it would be good for America. “The top tax rate that makes […]

Why Jihadists, Hamas, and Radical Islam will Fail

“From the Al-Qassam Brigades to the Zionist soldiers: The Al-Qassam Brigades love death more than you love life.” When people comment on world conditions they often put the worst and inevitable slant on them. Crisis politics leads to fear, a loss of liberty, and economic repression. I’m reminded of a Bible verse when I hear […]

Envy Drives Man to Butcher Family Because They Had ‘Too Much’

Out of envy, a man allegedly butchered a family of five with a meat cleaver because the family was more prosperous than he was. “A police source told the New York Post the man confessed to committing the crime because he was jealous of the family’s lifestyle.” This is a horrible story, but it’s the end […]

Envy: How To Destroy an Economy

If you ant to destroy prosperity, feed the sin of envy. The rich often get a bum rap. Liberals are incensed when it’s suggested that “the rich” get any type of tax reduction even though the top 50% of wage earners pay 96% of all income taxes. Since they spend more money, the rich also […]

Politicians Threaten Apple Over Misusing Money: Taste The Irony!

I pretty much despise Apple’s political culture, so I’m tempted to just laugh at them in their troubles with the Washington Bully Club (i.e. the Federal Government). They want to be cool progressives so let them enjoy being at the mercy of their own kind. But the fact remains that the lefty hipsters at Apple […]

NFL Players Explain Democrat Taxing Policies

While all the media attention has been focused on Jovan Belcher’s murder of his girlfriend and his own suicide and the supposed NFL gun culture, there was an interesting article in USA Today that helps to put the present dependency culture in perspective. What does NFL players owning guns have to do with the way […]

Mitt Romney, Tax Returns, Liberal Hypocrisy, and the Politics of Envy

What Mitt Romney paid or did not pay in taxes is none of our business. He’s been filing with the IRS for more than 40 years. If he was doing something illegal, he would have been caught a long time ago. Carl Bernstein, co-author of All the President’s Men, asked this absurd question: How can […]

President Obama Says He’s Not Trying to Redistribute the Wealth But We Know Better

President Obama works under the premise that while you can’t fool all the people all the time, you can full enough of the people all the time to get re-elected. His latest claim that he is not out to redistribute wealth but only to “invest” in America is a case in point. In his exchange […]

What Romney Should Say About His Taxes

The media and, unfortunately, some Republicans are making an issue out of the tax rate that Mitt Romney pays. First, we should be thankful that many people get to pay just 15 percent on their income. This means that the money is not going to the government to be wasted and used to buy power […]

Torched Cars Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?

Acts of violence against America are usually reserved for Islamic extremists because of their hatred for America. Here’s how Allan J. Ashinoff puts it: Muslims hate America because of who America is and what America represents. Muslims hate the core of American culture and they fear that America’s influence in politics, entertainment, and wealth will […]