Father With Gun Protects Son so Doctors Won’t Kill Him

In March of 2005, after doctors pronounced Terri Schiavo to be in a permanent vegetative state, despite the fact that she required no life support in the form of breathing tubes or such, her estranged and total bag of crap husband petitioned for and received permission from a judge to pull her feeding and hydration […]

Socialists Pushing for Child Euthanasia

Here in the US, Oregon passed the first legal euthanasia law in 1994 that allows assisted suicide for anyone 18 years of age or over who have a terminal illness.  This is a form of euthanasia.  In 2008, Washington passed its euthanasia bill and Vermont followed suit in May of this year. In Europe, which […]

Jesuit University Bans Conservative Speaker Then Invites Beastiality Advocate

Fordham University was founded in 1841 by the Roman Catholic diocese of New York. Over the years it has become an independent school under a lay Board of Trustees which still describes itself as functioning as a university in the Jesuit tradition. Today Fordham is a private nonprofit coeducational research university with an enrollment of […]

Kill a Baby, Kill an Old Person, Save a Rose

Whether you realize it or not, America tends to follow the trends and cultural issues of the United Kingdom and other European countries.  The decline of Christianity and churches in Europe has spread to the U.S.   Barack Obama pointed to the U.K.’s national healthcare as a model for Obamacare.  (Just a side note – their […]

Legalization of Euthanasia Being Pushed in Canada

For a number of years now, the state of Oregon has legalized doctor assisted euthanasia for terminally ill patients.  Many people, including myself, belief that suicide in any form is still murder and anyone assisting in the commission of the act should be charged with murder as well. Now a group in Canada is trying […]