Planned Parenthood Shoots Themselves in Foot

Are you familiar with the metaphor ‘shoot yourself in the foot’? It’s an expression referring to making one’s own situation worse. The origin of the metaphor appears to be unsure and lost. Some believe the origin may have arisen from someone actually shooting themselves in the foot by accident due to their own ineptitude. Others […]

Facebook Ok’s Posts To Kill Jews, But Remove Anti-Muslim, Anti-Homosexual Pages

If you want your Facebook page to remain published, then be careful what you post. You’re safe if you keep your posts to family matters. It seems you’re even safe if your posts bash Christians, Jews, Republicans and conservatives. However, if you post anything that is anti-Muslim, anti-homosexual or anti-liberal anything, including blasting leading Democrats, […]

Perceived Racism versus Real Racism

I am getting sick and tired of everyone condemning the Confederate flag because of their own racist views, not those of others. It seems that those screaming the loudest are in fact the most racist. All they see is race. Their blind to history and reality and they want everyone else to pay and suffer […]

Gay Supportive Bakery Refuses Christian Order then Takes Legal Action against Christian Customer

The news is full of reports of Christian business owners who have refused to take orders that would have them participating in homosexual ceremonies. Even though the First Amendment guarantees all Americans the right to freely practice their religion, they are being charged with crimes, heavily fined and in some cases forced to close their […]

Will These Republicans Support Three-Way Marriage and 50 More Marriage Arrangements?

Justice Antonin Scalia warned in the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision that the Supreme Court had created “a massive disruption of the current social order” by striking down a Texas law barring sodomy. He went on to write: “State laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality, and obscenity … every single […]

Muslim Student in TX Falsifies Stalker Report against White American

If Muslims in the United States don’t have an agenda, then Barack Obama is really a white conservative Christian. Case in point is what Ambreen Sharif, a female Muslim student did last Friday. Last Friday, she reported that she was stalked by a white man with a gun while on her way to classes at […]

Duke University Rethinks Allowing Muslim Call to Prayer from Chapel Tower

Recently, Duke University announced that they were going to allow the Muslim Call to Prayer to be broadcast from the Duke Chapel bell tower every Friday morning. They claimed that they were taking this move to help make the university a welcoming and friendly place for their more than 700 Muslim students, faculty and staff. […]

More Schools Hiring Others to Spy on Students’ Private Lives

What right does a public school have to spy on the private life of any student? Once a student leaves school property, all responsibility of the school should end, but in many cases it’s just getting started. Spying on student’s private lives is becoming big business for companies. Consider the following report from Victor Skinner […]

Facebook Rejected Photo of Infant Needing New Heart

Imagine how you would feel if your two month old infant son or daughter needed a new heart in order to live. To many parents the news would be devastating. Not all healthcare plans would cover such a huge expense, especially under Obamacare where their philosophy is let the very sick die so they won’t […]

Facebook Experimented Controlling Our Emotions

When you log into Facebook, how much do you trust what you see? How would you feel if you found out that the newsfeeds had been intentionally altered and that you were part of a huge experiment? For one week in January 2012, Facebook intentionally altered newsfeeds for nearly 700,000 Facebook users as part of […]

Will ISIS Form the World’s First Terror State?

So what was that refrain again? Bin Laden is dead. Al-Qaeda has been decimated and is on the run. Does that mean we are safer now? Not hardly. Terrorism is expanding rapidly and terrorist controlled areas are growing ever larger as they see weakness in the West and the impotence of President Obama. Islamic radicals […]

Feds Spend $194,788 Taxpayer Dollars to Study Transgender Women’s Use of Facebook

Over the past couple of years I’ve shared a number of stories on how our federal government wastes taxpayer dollars. We’ve heard about the government spending our taxpayer dollars to study things like: $15.3 million for one of the infamous Bridges to Nowhere in Alaska. $113,227 for video game preservation center in New York. $550,000 […]