GOP to Obama: Cut Spending Or We Shut Down Government

The fiscal cliff is not over.  All Congress did was delay it a couple months, but it is still looming large and set to be the topic of battle between the Republicans and President Obama. In the first round of ‘negotiations’, the Republicans were forced to accept a number of tax increases that not only […]

Gun Control, Hurricane Sandy Crooks, and the Benghazi Flu

The close of 2012 and beginning of the New Year contained enough appalling activity, aided and abetted by elected Republicans, to have warranted the suicide of old 2012 and kept 2013’s New Year baby desperately scrabbling to stay in the womb. The list is far too lengthy to itemize everything but here are some of […]

Hollywood Supported Obama, Gets Rewarded With Tax Breaks

Last year’s presidential campaigns saw Barack Obama making frequent visits with Hollywood’s celebrity elite.  Hollywood liberals like George Clooney helped to raise millions of dollars for Obama’s re-election campaign. Next to the nation’s labor unions, the Hollywood film industry is perhaps the most liberal of America’s industries.  Hollywood has been very active in pushing gay […]

Obama is a Lying S.O.B.

All we’ve heard from President Barack Obama is that he will not raise taxes on the middle class.  His push for the fiscal cliff deal was to only raise taxes on the wealthy while maintaining the tax breaks for everyone else.  Over the weekend, Obama said that he would not allow taxes to increase for […]

New Year Starts Off With GOP Caving to Obama

You knew it was going to happen. The fiscal cliff was just a tool for getting the GOP to go along with huge tax increases. The “deal” — more of a mugging, actually — conjures $15 billion in cuts while giving the Man Who Would Be King and the Democrats $620 billion in new tax […]

Obamacare Brings in $1 Trillion In New Taxes Starting New Year’s Day

Republicans and Democrats can continue playing their charade they call “negotiations,” but no amount of pretend bickering will prevent Obamacare’s new tax increases from happening. Over the next 10 years, Americans will be subjected to $1 trillion in new taxes. Americans for Tax Reform summarized the top five taxes to be implemented on New Year’s […]

Christmas Retail Sales, Santa Letters Show Real Obama Economy

During the election, how many times did we hear President Obama brag that the economy was getting better (after only four years, no less)? How much spin did the media put into economic reports to hide the numbers that show Obama’s ongoing economic disaster? Well, the day after Christmas, the proof is in the figgy […]

Tax Hikes On Wealthy: GOP Folds On Obama’s Bluff

While the nation is mourning the murdered children the news comes out that John Boehner as speaker of the House has caved to Obama’s demands for a tax hike for the rich. What does this mean? First, it means the deficit will widen and the debt load will increase. Even if the government took 100 […]

The Quadrillion-Dollar Derivatives Bubble

Thinking about a quadrillion dollars is like trying to imagine how big the universe is. The $16 trillion national debt is staggering enough, but reading about a quadrillion-dollar bubble is beyond mind-blowing. While the media and Washington D.C. have our attention on the financial precipice allegedly ahead of us next year and the silly, fake […]

Congress and White House to Put Thousands of Charities Out of Business

Most charities in the United States rely on donations as their primary source of income.  When donations are made to a non-profit charity, they become a tax deduction to the person or corporation giving the donation.  Subsequently, many people only give donations because of the tax deduction they receive.   This can be seen in the […]

Communist Party USA Pushing Obamanomics and Tax Increases

It was no secret that the Communist Party USA had fully endorsed Barack Obama for re-election and they even helped campaign on his behalf.  Last month, they celebrated their victory in re-electing America’s first fully socialist president. A month later and all attention has shifted from the election to the Bush era tax cuts and […]

Disguising the Non-Recovery: Why Obama Might Want the Fiscal Cliff

From what I have followed in the news, Obama isn’t acting like someone who wants to avoid “sequestration”—the automatic cuts and tax hikes that many have dubbed “the fiscal cliff.” Instead he acts like someone who thinks he has a hang glider ready. Of course, since Obama is basically playing “chicken” with the Republicans in […]