An Open Letter to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to Save the Country

Gentlemen: I should say from the outset in writing this letter that I strongly suspect I am sending it too late. We will, of course, find out if this whole Trump thing has been much ado about nothing soon enough, but alas, even with a Cruz win in Iowa, the current plan for those who […]

Florida County to Prosecute Homeschool Families for Failure to Enroll Kids in Public School

Public schools have never truly supported homeschooling. They get federal money for every student that attends a public school so they look at homeschooling as stealing their federal funding. Additionally, the main goal of the public education system in America today is to take every child in the nation and turn him or her into […]

Florida Community College Drops Pledge of Allegiance for ‘Structured Dissent of Authority’

There are still some people who argue with me about how liberal and anti-American America’s schools have become. They claim that they are still teaching the core values that America was founded on and that they are indeed patriotic. For those naysayers, I direct you to Hillsborough Community College in Hillsborough County, Florida. The school […]

Florida Lets Dangerous National Anthem Criminal Loose on Streets

Florida’s playing fast and loose with its residents’ safety, not to mention the state and federal laws. The state’s attorney had his hands on the notorious Star-Spangled Bandit, but he let him get away due to what we can only assume was some sort of liberal fit of bleeding-heart disease. When college scoundrel Lane Pittman decided […]

Boy Plays Alone in Backyard for Hour and a Half, Parents Charged With Felony Neglect

As a boy, I played outside for hours. Sometimes my older brothers or friends were there to play with, but on many occasions I played alone for hours on end. Between the ages of 10 to 12, I spent many hours alone exploring the desert right behind us. I built a small fort under a […]

Fourth Grader Eloquently Destroys Purpose of Florida’s Standardized Testing

In schools across America students are being forced to spend more and more time preparing for standardized tests that are supposed to determine how successful the school is and how smart the students are. However, the time being taken to prepare for the standardized tests takes away from valuable classroom learning time. In some schools, […]

‘God Bless America’ Student Vindicated

Nearly a month ago, I wrote about a student at Yulee High School in Florida getting in trouble for adding ‘God bless America, keep us safe’ at the end of making the morning announcements over the school’s PA system. Wouldn’t you know it that there were two intolerant atheist students at the school who reacted […]

City Council Prayer by Atheist Mocks God and Makes Morality Impossible

Capitulation to mindless political correctness — in the name of pluralism and toleration (unless you oppose same-sex sexuality, then there is no toleration for you) — is happening everywhere. A college president has apologized for saying that “All lives matter.” Can you imagine such intolerance? It’s a galloping epidemic. Now we’re learning that in the […]

Thousands of Florida Condo Owners Being Stripped of Their Homes

One of the dangers of living in Florida is the weather. Besides the high humidity which can play havoc on one’s body and a home, there is also the threat of hurricanes and tornados. I recall watching the news after Hurricane Andrew swept across the Florida peninsula in 1992. It was a category 5 storm […]

Florida Man Example of Immigration Inefficiency to the Extreme

In 1965, thousands of Cubans fled the communist regime in Cuba. Among them was the Hernandez family. Mario Hernandez was 9 years old at the time. Like most of the Cuban refugees at the time, Mario was given legal status to stay in the US and a Social Security Number, but not citizenship. When his […]

FL Senate Dems Vote against Bill to Protect Women from Sharia Law

With the huge influx of Muslims into America, we are starting to see their Islamic influence on American culture and law. Schools are starting to teach about Islam where they don’t teach anything about Christianity or Judaism. Our president is obviously much more sympathetic to his Muslim friends than to America’s Christians. Islamic or sharia […]

Restaurants Charging Customers Obamacare Surcharge

President Obama, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi continue to tell America that Obamacare is saving them money when just the opposite is true.  They deny reports that many employers have cut employees hours to less than 30 per week.  They deny reports that some employers […]