Hillary’s Foreign Policy: Love, Love, Love

Not only is Hillary Clinton a chronic liar and opportunist, but we shouldn’t forget another key aspect of her personality, that she is a child of the sixties. At least that would help explain one of her dumber statements, which she gave on the Lifetime channel during an interview that aired Wednesday. Not exactly a […]

Melodrama Unfolds as U.S. Sides With Syria

There were several ridiculous TV shows about President Bush or inspired by his White House. It’s high time someone gets up the nerve to produce a soap opera based on the Obama Administration. Call it something like “As the Worm Turns.” One, I’ll bet it would get a huge audience, and two, it would probably […]

Obama Gets a Cold Shoulder at West Point

When the leader of the free world feels the need to justify his presence at West Point by saying that he’s not weak and that he believes in American exceptionalism, you know there’s a problem in the Oval Office. When the new graduates aren’t buying it and give their commander in chief the cold shoulder, […]

Walesa Blasts Obama’s Failure to Reclaim America’s Leadership

It was a huge mistake ever to elect Barack Obama president of the United States. Many of us knew that all along. Some have had to be dragged through five years’ worth of mud from the Obama Administration to figure it out. But despite the dogged support of Obama’s zombie corps of unquestioning followers, most […]

Why Mali, Algeria Matter to America

Now that Algerian Special Forces have gone where President Obama feared to tread and ended the hostage standoff at a British Petroleum gas plant, the White House is no doubt resting easier. With Obama’s inaugural party approaching, the last thing the White House crowd wanted was to have a Jimmy Carter-esque hostage crisis juxtaposed on […]

Obama in Burma, Appeasing Another Dictatorship

Burma is a society under tyranny. The military government has a record of human rights violations such as genocide, systematic rape, slavery, sex trafficking and child labor. The government is so reprehensible, in fact, that many civilized countries refuse to acknowledge the name Myanmar, which is the official name of the country since the military […]

Coming Across Presidential is as Important as Winning on Points

The third and final presidential debate is now history and there was plenty of fodder for everyone. Those in the viewing audience that were slavering for red meat were, generally, on a restricted diet. With respect to malicious behavior, however, the president definitely took top “honors”. He smirked, he interrupted, he talked over Governor Romney. […]

Obama’s Time Is Up; Romney’s Called and Ready

The third and final presidential debate, on Monday night, revealed to voters mainly two things: One is something that voters got a peak of in the second debate as well—Barack Obama is not as friendly a person as he generally portrays himself. The other is that Mitt Romney, if elected, will not need to undergo […]

Ryan v. Biden is Being Underestimated for What Happened

I have been off my blogging game as of late, having spent two weeks out of town on business and being a little dizzy. But I plan to get back into a rhythm for the next few weeks. Real quickly, though, a few comments are in order regarding that complete meltdown we witnessed from Joe […]

Vice President Joe Biden Clueless on Foreign Policy Realities

This week, Vice President Joe Biden once again opened his mouth and proved to the American people that he is either completely clueless or just a pathological liar. First, Biden praised President Barack Obama’s foreign policies and even said that the president has done more for Israel than any other president in history.  He obviously […]

The Foreign Policy Is Now Policy for the Interior

“In accordance to the principles of Doublethink, it does not matter if the war is not real, or when it is, that victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous. The essential act of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of human labor. […]

A Return to a True Conservative Foreign Policy?

Thomas B. Reed is a forgotten name today, even among Republicans and conservatives. But in his time, at the turn of the 20th century, he was a true giant of American politics. Giant, that is, in every possible sense of this word. With his 6’3 and 300 lbs he towered above his fellow Congressmen. His […]