Welcome to the Nightmare Our Founding Fathers Risked Their Lives to Prevent

America has become a nation where the cries and screams of a few are successfully stealing the rights away from the majority. Take the case of all the uproar about Kim Davis, the elected County Clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky. She has refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples based upon her Christian faith. […]

America Desperately Needs a Vince Lombardi Lesson

On December 26, 1960, Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Championship Game. The Packers scored first and lead 3-0 at the end of the first inning. The Eagles fought back and took a 10-6 into the locker room at half time. Neither team scored in the third quarter. In the fourth […]

Constitution and America Sentenced to Death by US Supreme Court

On Friday, the US Supreme Court ruled that homosexual marriage is a constitutional right and that states do not have the right to prevent same-sex sinners from legally marrying. The first error in the high court’s ruling is that they just violated the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution which reads: “The powers not […]

DOJ Invoking Separation of Powers to Defend Obama When Obama Abuses Same

Our Founding Fathers knew that all men are sinners and as such capable of many things including abusing the power of their position or office. This was clearly made evident by the tyrannical rule of the British crown over the American colonies. That’s why they created a government with three separate and distinct branches, each […]

Obama Publicly Announces His Supreme Authoritative Dictatorship

For the past six years I’ve been warning everyone that Barack Hussein Obama has every intention of destroying the America we knew and establishing a dictatorship. In August 2012 I wrote: “Our Founding Fathers purposely established a three branch government so that no one person or group of people would end up with absolute power. To […]

‘God Bless America’ Gets Student in Trouble

How many times do you hear someone else say something that you find offensive, but you ignore it and just go on with your life? I hear things every day on the news, watching TV, in the movies, watching sports and just being in public around people, that I find offensive. But I generally don’t […]

Court Violates Arizona’s 10th Amendment State’s Rights

Our Founding Fathers purposely formed our new nation to have a small federal government with most of the power and authority reserved to the states. The federal government was primarily tasked with supporting and protecting the states and the newly formed country. When they wrote the Bill of Rights, they knew it was important enough […]

Should 1 Person have the Power to Overturn the Will of 3 Million Voters?

When our Founding Fathers established our nation, they purposely divided the power and responsibilities into three branches: legislative, executive and judicial.  Of the three branches, the judicial was supposed to be the branch with the most limited powers.  Our Founding Fathers never intended for judges to have the authority or power to overturn the will […]

Anti-Abortion is Not ‘Anti-American’

You gotta love when people who advocate the killing of babies start talking about rights. It’s a very selective view: a woman’s right to “choose,” her right to control her body, her right to decide for herself. Yet somehow the right to life of the child never comes up. Isn’t it odd that the person […]

DOD Document: Founding Fathers Were Terrorists

Judicial Watch obtained a Department of Defense document as a result of a Freedom of Information request. The DOD 133-page document was used by the Air Force, and it contained a “student guide” to extremists and hate groups. It relied heavily on the very reliable Southern Poverty Law Center as a wealth of information in […]

God Gets Cut Out of Beer Commercial

Samuel Adams, the beer company, caused a Yankee Doodle dust-up on the Fourth of July when it aired its new commercial featuring an actor paraphrasing the Declaration of Independence but leaving God out of the quote. In the commercial, the actor says, “All men are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights: […]

Obama Mockingly Tells Americans What He’ll Do With Gun Control Laws

When the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment they knew how important it was for the people of America to be well armed to prevent the type of tyrannical government control that they had experienced under the British. They also knew that mankind has a sinful nature and that in time there would be those […]