Police Faked 9-1-1 Calls to Gain Access to Homes

Giving police the authority and power to manipulate the law is a danger to all of us. What looks like a good and necessary tactic in one instance can be justified in its use in ways never anticipated or designed. Consider RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) legislation that was designed to combat racketeering. […]

Police Invading Your Privacy & Violating Your 4th Amendment Rights

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution states: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and […]

Police Want to Arrest You … Before You Commit a Crime

Imagine that you’re sitting at home eating breakfast, admiring your neighbor’s new car parked just a couple of hundred feet from your kitchen window. Suddenly, your door is kicked in and your windows shattered as armed and armored police barge in, hold you at gunpoint and haul you off to jail for the crime of […]

FBI Can Turn On Your Web Cam Without You Knowing

With all the news the NSA spying on US citizens but accessing their phone calls, emails and internet usage, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the FBI is also spying on us with the use of sophisticated malware.  What that malware can accomplish may change your computer usage. The Washington Post described how the […]

NY Judge’s Ruling Allows Gun Crimes To Increase

In August, US District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that New York Police Department policy called stop-and-frisk violates the constitutional rights of minorities.  The NYPD would stop and frisk anyone they deemed suspicious, but Scheindlin said that the majority of those stopped were black or Hispanic and that they would not have been stopped if […]

Out of Control NSA Agents Spy on Lovers, Thousands More Innocents

Those who sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither, Benjamin Franklin famously said. That phrase seems particularly relevant since the first revelations broke about the National Security Agency’s extensive telephone and Internet spying programs. From the first, there were many people who believed the NSA was not being completely honest about the extent of its activities, […]

Homeowner Arrested For Not Allowing Police To Use His House For Stakeout

What would you do if the police showed up at your front door and told you that they wanted to use your house as a tactical advantage in an investigation involving domestic violence of one of your neighbors?  Would you allow them to move in, turning your home into a stakeout center?  Would you be […]

Biden Recommends Congressional Investigation into Spying on Americans’ Phone Calls

Ever since Edward Snowden divulged the extent of the NSA spying on Americans, the Obama administration has done everything they can to justify what they are doing.  President Obama says it’s legal and necessary and so does Attorney General Eric Holder. In their defense of the collection and monitoring of all of our phone calls, […]

On ‘1984’ Anniversary, NSA Collects Millions of Verizon Phone Records Under Secret Court Order

Sixty-four years ago this Saturday, George Orwell’s novel “1984” was published. Orwell didn’t know the half of it. The National Security Agency, operating under a secret court order granted on April 5, has been collecting the phone records of millions of Verizon users indiscriminately and without any evidence of wrongdoing. But that’s not the best […]

Texas Senator Says Obama Has No Respect for First, Second, Fourth or Fifth Amendments

To be honest, I’ve lost track of exactly how many current scandals are rocking the Obama administration.  We have Fast and Furious still on going, DOJ seizure of reporters’ personal records, IRS has at least two, possibly three inter-related scandals going on, Benghazi lies and cover-ups and no one seems to be talking about the […]

House Dismantles Fourth Amendment While America Distracted

While Americans were focusing on the Boston Marathon bombings and defending the Second Amendment to the Constitution from the Senate’s efforts to eliminate guns, the House was busy about the business of destroying the Fourth Amendment. After two days of debate this week, the House passed CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, by […]

Texas Again Proposes Criminalizing TSA Gropings

Texas Representative David Simpson testified before the House State Affairs Committee on a bill that would make the inappropriate touching of passengers’ private parts by TSA agents illegal unless the agents have probable cause to do so. This representative is the same one who 2 years ago introduced a harsher version that would criminalize any […]