How Justice Scalia Set the Anti-Religion Crowd Straight

Justice Scalia rocked the secularist establishment in many ways — from his views on abortion and same-sex sexuality to affirmative action and religion and the founding of the United States. In a speech he gave in January of this year, Justice Scalia said: “One of the reasons God has been good to us is that we […]

KY Clerk Kim Davis Jailed for Breaking NO Law

Kim Davis is the County Clerk for Rowan County which encompasses Ashland, Kentucky. She’s made national headline news by refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. When protests started, she refused to issue marriage licenses to everyone. Of course the liberal media, who is always hungry to devour Christians and conservatives, flocked to Ashland […]

I Donated $100 to Memories Pizza to Defy the Gaystapo

How many times did we hear that supporting same-sex marriage would not affect people who opposed same-sex marriage? We heard, “No one is forcing you to marry someone of the same sex.” A lot of people fell for the argument. “It’s none of my business who someone wants to marry. Live and let live.” Sounded […]

New York Town Ground Zero for Religious Freedom Fight

For as long as anyone can remember, the Town Board of Greece, N.Y., has opened its meetings with a prayer. It’s almost always a Christian prayer, but the Board has also allowed prayers led by a Jewish resident, a Baha’i minister and a Wiccan priestess. But it’s evidently the Christian prayers that upset two residents […]

Freedom of Religion is One Way Street for Muslims

The Pilgrims on board the Mayflower made the perilous trip after 12 years of religious persecution in Europe.  More than anything, they wanted to go somewhere where they were allowed to worship as they thought proper and not how the government and monarchy dictated. Religious freedom was also an important factor when the thirteen colonies […]

Catholic Bishops Reject Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling

America’s Catholic Bishops rejected the Supreme Court’s ruling that Obamacare is constitutional, saying the court did not resolve the question of the law’s violation of religious rights. The bishops earlier in June led 43 Catholic institutions to file lawsuits against the Obama Administration, which under Obamacare is forcing Catholic and other religious institutions to provide […]