California Democrats Want to Tax Fuel Efficient Cars by the Mile Instead of the Gallon

At the beginning of the 1900s, automobiles were introduced to the American public. It didn’t take long before they became popular and started replacing horses and carriages. It also didn’t take long before states saw a new way to earn money by taxing the gasoline the cars used. In February, 1919, Oregon passed the first […]

Bachmann’s Final Blast Turns Table on Caustic Critic

During the 2012 presidential primaries, many campaign promises were made and many were ridiculed and mocked. Among those was a statement Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) made back in 2011 when she stated: “The day that the President became President, gasoline was $1.79 a gallon. Look at what it is today. Under President Bachmann, you will […]

More Price Gouging At The Gas Pumps

I was watching the news this morning, a certain way to start the day with indigestion, and heard one of the lamest excuses for the jump in gasoline prices I’ve ever heard. The reporter said that prices at the pumps are the highest they’ve ever been for the Labor Day weekend and it is due […]