According to Obama’s Own Words the Economy is ‘On the Verge of Collapse’

What Obama State of the Union show would be complete (complete disaster that is) without a diatribe on Climate Change and further ruination of the coal and oil industries with his call to “accelerate the transition away from dirty energy.” Climate weenies lamented that “there was no laundry list of bold programs and budding proposals this time.” That is a […]

Oil Prices Down, Gas Prices Up – Now What’s Their Excuse?

History is definitely repeating itself. When the price of crude oil had decreased significantly in the past, the oil companies came up with excuses as to why the price of gas at the pump is not equally going down. We’ve heard excuses that they had to take refineries off line for regular maintenance, conversion to […]

Dropping Gas Prices Good for You, Bad for Leftist Elites

You may have heard a lot of grumbling on television news and elsewhere lately about how lower gas prices are going to hurt the economy. Trust your instincts on this one, though, declining gas prices are all sorts of good for the average person. It’s only bad for big government and certain people (of all […]

Gas Prices are Down, Taxes Haven’t Budged, Some Want Them Raised

When gas prices were over $4.00 per gallon, almost everybody was cursing the oil companies for their excessive profits. Many people argued that the oil companies were colluding to keep oil prices high. Liberal groups were calling for investigations and even regulation. So where are these people now that gas prices could dip below $2.00? […]

What Gas Lines Tell Us About Obamacare

I’ve been wondering for two weeks now why Sandy hasn’t driven up the price of gas. I like low gas prices. I expect them to fall lower at some point, though I may be wrong and I have no idea how to time these things. But recently I’ve found those prices disturbing because I suspected […]

Obama’s Mary Poppins Carpetbag of Magical Things

Back towards the beginning of the year when the GOP primaries were ramping up hot and heavy, I remember hearing several conservative commentators predicting that unemployment and gasoline prices would continue to rise until just before the election.  They predicted that within a month of the election, that both gasoline and unemployment would suddenly drop […]

President Obama Has Become the Blameshifter-in-Chief

President Obama is once again blaming everybody else for the sorry state of the economy. High gas prices were the fault of speculators. Now it’s the fault of Iran. The bankruptcy of Solyndra and the loss of the $500 million dollars he loaned the company is the fault of the Chinese. The deficit, Afghanistan, the […]

Liberals Say Conservative Voters are Stupid

It’s a playground debater’s trick. When you’re losing an argument, just call your opponent a “stupid head.” Liberals are great at the tactic. They don’t like facts, figures, and logic. When you use them, their eyes glaze over and their first response is, “That’s just stupid.” It’s back to elementary school. The comments about stupid […]

Republican Prospects in November

Republicans are nervous that the presidential primaries are still going on. They forget that Obama did not win enough delegates to nail down the nomination until June 3, 2008, after a 17-month-long campaign against Hillary Clinton. Not having a single candidate keeps the Democrats off guard. They don’t know who to attack. They’re itching to […]