Michele Bachman and Glenn Beck Can Only See the Apocalypse

I’ve been writing on the subject of eschatology (the study of the last things) for a long time and countering the argument that a near end-time apocalypse is around the corner. Over the years I have participated in innumerable debates, written ten books on the subject, and published nearly 100 articles. If there’s anyone new […]

Church In Iraq Shows How to Rescue Chritsians and Vet Refugees

I was shocked Friday night. My wife and I had just gotten home from our company Christmas party. While I don’t usually watch “20/20,” I clicked on the channel and to my surprise I was surprised. It was about an “American husband and wife team [that] helped more than 100 Iraqi Christian refugees escape ISIS terror […]

Rand Paul Preaches Truth: Socialism Leads to Extermination!

In a great conversation with Glenn Beck, candidate for President and Senator, Rand Paul, (R-KY) discussed one of the best reasons for us to stand against Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and the rise of socialism. The conversation begins with a wonderful discussion of Senator Paul’s personal Christian faith and his belief that faith and liberty […]

Ben Carson Says Government Should Silence People with “Extreme Political Bias”

Popular GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson appeared with Glenn Beck earlier this week to talk about his candidacy and about his ideas for the future of our nation. It was during this conversation that Dr. Carson said something that should bother EVERYONE, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal… At around 3:30 in the video […]

Are Tea Partiers Backing Trump Really Racist?

I realize we’re in the political silly season known as the presidential campaign, but sometimes watching conservatives turn on each other like a pack of hungry coyotes is just disturbing. It seems most of the recent backbiting centers around Donald Trump’s surprising leap in the polls. Trump has apparently found the magic formula. By latching […]

Ouch. Glenn Beck Hammers Sarah Palin – Calls Her a “Clown”

Glenn Beck appeared at the rally to stop the Iran Nuclear Deal in Washington, D.C on Wednesday. Also there were Ted Cruz, Mark Levin and many others… including Donald Trump and his new bestie Sarah Palin. It was that final pairing that Beck took issue with on his show on Thursday. Beck was talking about […]

The Way Immigration Used to be Done

I dare say that everybody reading this article is mostly likely an immigrant or a descendant of an immigrant. I am. My grandparents were born in Italy. They came to America dirt poor and raised 23 children, all of whom became productive members of this great nation. The Left wants to paint opposition to what […]

Why Glenn Beck Is Wrong About Liberals Being Right

It’s one of those things that seems like it wouldn’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t happen: Glenn Beck has come out and said that liberals were right that we never should have gotten into the Iraq War. This, of course, has liberals running around like happy little Ewoks who think they’ve just taken down the Empire. One […]

Glenn Beck Wrong about End-of-World Prophecy Views

Listening to Glenn Beck requires a good grasp of history, religion (especially the Bible), and general worldview thinking to filter out the misinformation, especially when it comes to Bible prophecy. Too often Beck relies on misinformed “experts” whom he trusts without investigating their claims or at least seeking out another opinion. But since it’s about […]

Rubio Speaks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth in English and Spanish

A few days ago Erick Erickson at RedState wrote of the great immigration debate, particularly the involvement of Senator Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio, for good or ill, is the talk of the political town. He has become the face of this battle. Erickson said that Marco Rubio is either being played for a fool or […]

Al Gore Sells Out To Big Oil

Remember Al Gore’s cable network company Current TV? Yeah, neither do I. Its ratings were so bad that Time Warner Cable was about to drop it. It had struggled since 2005, but it could only manage to expand its audience to about 42,000 viewers. First, Glenn Beck offered to buy it, but Current rejected his […]

‘Obama in Pee Pee’

In the past, various people have used offensive artwork to express their disdain for certain things and people. In the name of art, people have walked on the American flag and portrayed it in all kinds of disrespectful images.  A number of years ago, I recall seeing a photo of a bulldog pooping on the […]