2016 – 4 More Years of Obama vs GOP

It seems the quest for the presidency has heated up early this time around than in past election cycles. Nearly a year and a half before the election, blows were being thrown by a number of candidates from both Democrats and Republicans with Donald Trump throwing the most punches of all. Currently, everyone is focused […]

Another Day, Another GOP Backstabbing

That didn’t take long. The once-promising Paul Ryan finally got a taste of power and promptly jumped into the same slime pit his predecessor John Boehner lived in. The new speaker of the House has “curated” his first trillion-dollar appropriations bill by betraying everything Republican voters keep hoping their leaders will support and instead checking […]

Will You Vote for Romney if RINOs Make Him the Nominee?

The Republican Party leadership must be having a lot of trouble sleeping these days. With two political outsiders — Donald Trump and Ben Carson — leading the presidential pack by tapping into voters’ justified anger at the GOP, these are some desperate times, at least according to the Washington Post. One of the surest signs […]

Will Newly Elected GOP Governor of Kentucky be able to Scrap State Obamacare Exchange?

Republican businessman Matt Blevin shocked the Democratic Party by defeating their shoe-in candidate Jack Conway in this month’s election for the governorship of Kentucky. The three largest cities in the state, Lexington, Louisville and Frankfort are Democratic strongholds which were supposed to keep a Democrat in the governor’s mansion, but enough conservatives rallied to vote […]

Former Congressman Gives Up on the GOP

Former congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado has had enough of the traitors in the GOP leadership. Like so many of us. In a blunt column published at Breitbart, Tancredo explains in no uncertain terms what he thinks of the way the GOP has been run during the time since he first joined the House of […]

Speaker John Boehner Set to Retire from Congress in October

I thought I was dreaming when I heard the news. John Boehner is going to retire at the end of October. Maybe that’s why he was crying as the Pope spoke. Boehner knew his days were numbered. It couldn’t come at a better time. With Boehner gone, the Democrats won’t have an advocate and Obama […]

GOP Impotence, White House Unconstitutionality & Judicial Overreach – America is Broken

Obamacare: the national socialist healthcare program that has resulted in higher costs for less coverage. It has revealed the impotence of the Republican Party and the continued unconstitutional actions of Barack Obama. Even though over 70% of the American people were against the Affordable Care Act, a Democratic controlled Congress forced the socialist healthcare plan […]

Where Do the 15 GOP Candidates Stand on Common Core?

In the wee early hours of the 2016 presidential campaign, most of the attention has been centered on Donald Trump, his stand on immigration and his war of words with Jeb Bush. Most of the other issues seem to be taking a backseat to all of the media hoopla. Yet there is one issue that […]

How the Media, Democrats, and the GOP Miscalculated Donald Trump

When Donald Trump first opened his mouth, the liberal media, Democrats, and the GOP establishment believed that attacking him would be a slam dunk. In fact, they believed they didn’t need to attack him. His own words would send him to the political backwater. Boy, were they wrong. “A new Monmouth University poll shows Donald Trump crushing […]

Will GOP Cave to Democrat Demands for New Taxes and Spending?

Even when the GOP has the majority in Congress it gets steamrolled by Democrats. Each Republicans refuse to fight the Democrats, the Democrats get bolder in their demands. They sense weakness and go for the kill. They feed off Republican weakness. Here’s the latest from the minority party. Will the Republicans give in again and […]

GOP May Have Majority but They Don’t Have Control

By Wednesday morning, November 5, 2014, Republicans were celebrating across the land that they had won control of the Senate and increased their lead over Democrats in the House. They believed that with control of both the Senate and House that they could accomplish a great deal and even reverse a number of Obama’s socialist […]

Democrats Block DHS Funding Bill then Blame GOP for Possible Shutdown

Most of us have seen someone who did something and the blamed someone else for what they did. It’s common in many children, but as we grow up and mature, we’re supposed to learn to take responsibility for our own actions. Unfortunately in today’s America, far too many adults have never learned this important lesson. […]