Indiana Governor to Protect Religious Rights of Hoosiers

Over the past decade, we’ve seen far too many reports of Christians having their religious rights violated by Selective Allowable Discrimination. Gay activists have pressed for preferential treatment and rights that trump the rights of Christians. They know that Christianity is one of their biggest enemies because it reveals the truth about their sinful lifestyle. […]

Indiana Governor Throwing Christians to the Lions

Earlier this week, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law. Gay activists and their supporters over most of the nation immediately started their temper tantrums of screaming, kicking and stamping their feet.  Their guilty consciences would not allow them to accept the fact that Americans are guaranteed the right to […]

Indiana Governor Says Common Core Must Go

For months we have heard of one problem after another with the Common Core Standards.  Reading materials seemed to promote and endorse rape, incest and pedophilia.  Other reading material was pure pornography.  It encourages students to inform teachers about their parents.  Math isn’t about right answers but dictating process.  It teaches students to love and […]