Three Opinions on Gun Confiscation

The Atlantic published an article entitled “Do Republicans Have Any Real Reason to Worry about Gun Confiscation?” It’s written from the perspectives of an American gun advocate, an Australian living in the U.S., and an anti-gun nut.   I think we all know where I come down on the subject, as everyone should if they […]

Gun Confiscations Set to Start on New Year’s Day

Beginning January 1, police in California will be able to confiscate people’s guns without warning. The law, AB 1014, was actually passed and signed by “Governor Moonbeam,” Jerry Brown, back in 2014, but is only now taking effect. The cover for the confiscations will be “government violence restraining orders.” GVROs will be issued by judges […]

Connecticut Gun Registration Eerily Similar To Post WW1 Germany

Second Amendment advocates, including myself have long compared our nation’s attempts to register and control firearms to Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler, but few seem to know that it started before Hitler.  Hitler used what was already in place to disarm his nation. When the Weimar government of Germany was defeated in 1919, ending World […]

New California Law One Step Closer to Gun Confiscation

What do you do when you have a system that is known to be riddled with errors and flaws? California’s solution is to add another program to the already flawed system and hope that it works better. Now you may be wondering what this has to do with gun confiscation.  The error riddled system I’m […]

California Attempts Gun Confiscation

As California and surrounding states continue their manhunt for ex-cop Chris Dorner, California is struggling to keep people as safe as possible by confiscating guns out of the hands of those who are either felons or who have “mental illness.” Because of budget concerns, California’s Department of Justice can only afford to assign 33 agents […]

Gun Confiscation During Hurricane Katrina Gives Us Picture of Road Ahead

Did you know that when Hurricane Katrina took aim at the city of New Orleans in 2005, the Democrats in power at the time used the opportunity to disarm the people of the area? In August of 2005, Katrina, a category 5 hurricane did its best to destroy the city of New Orleans and surrounding […]

Marine Vet Tells Off Gun-Grabbing Feinstein

God bless our Marines. They’re never afraid to face down any threat to our freedoms, foreign or domestic. Marine Corps veteran Cpl. Joshua Boston, in a letter at CNN iReport, has put Sen. Dianne Feinstein on public notice that he won’t be registering his guns anytime soon and he does not approve of her scheme […]

Gun Sales Rise as People Fear 4 More Years of Obama Would Destroy Second Amendment

Ideological wars are not won with guns. Good ideas beat bad ideas. The reason bad ideas win, at least politically, is because there are enough people who will vote for politicians who campaign on the platform that they will take money from one group of taxpayers with the promise that it will be given to […]