Campbell Soup Goes Gay and Halal. How Can That Be?

In 2013, Campbell’s Soup Company went Halal with approval from Hamas-linked ISNA. For those unfamiliar, ISNA, The Islamic Society of North America is one of many American Islamic organizations that front for the Muslim Brotherhood, which means they do the bidding of the radical Brotherhood, which means they support terrorism and the conquest of the […]

Islamic Halal Products Fund Muslim Brotherhood

Yesterday, my son and I were driving home from a pumpkin festival and regatta in a nearby town. “Regatta” you say? Yes, a regatta – where locals and folks from surrounding towns grow huge 1,000-pound pumpkins, hollow them out, launch them into a river, climb into them, and race them. Only in America, baby! Anyway, on the […]

Muslim Halal Certification: Follow the Money

The following is from Bill Muehlenberg’s “Culture Watch.” As with most things Islamic, there is woeful ignorance and misunderstanding in the general public as to what is actually going on. Many folks simply parrot what they are told from Islamic activists. For example, many think Islam means peace. Well, no it does not. The word […]

‘Gay’ Judge Will Not Marry Heterosexual Couples but Don’t You Try It

You’ve read stories about business owners that will not serve same-sex couples when it comes to proving services for weddings. Bakeries, a photographer, a florist, and others have been sanctioned by the government because they would not participate in the charade of same-sex marriages. An Oregon couple has had to close their business because the […]

Islam is State Religion of Ohio Prison System

Muslim prisoners jailed in Ohio prisons began complaining about the food and demanding that they be fed meals that were ‘halal’ meals per Sharia law.  To quell the fervor and prevent a threatened lawsuit from being filed, Gary Mohr, Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction ordered all prison kitchens to stop using […]

Has Your Thanksgiving Turkey Been Blessed by Allah?

Your Thanksgiving turkey might have been blessed by Allah! But first, a little background. Food plays a big part in some religions. In Judaism, certain foods are prohibited. Pork is the big one, but there’s a long list of other forbidden foods that don’t pass the kosher test. “Reasons for food not being kosher include […]