The World’s Most Moral Army?

No army takes such risks in order to protect civilians as the Israeli army does. I say this as a professional soldier. I say it because it’s true. And people who care about truth should know it. Colonel Richard Kemp is a distinguished and highly decorated former soldier from Great Britain. He has experience in […]

The Despicable Use of ‘Widows and Orphans’ in Refugee Debate

It’s almost a forgone conclusion that liberals will use the Bible to support a cause if they can find something in it that they can use to defend a pet policy. The latest example is the refugee crisis. Biblical law has a lot to say about resident aliens, sojourners, strangers, and widows and orphans (Deut. […]

Has Obama Inadvertently Created a Middle East Alliance?

Back in 2013 the London’s Sunday Times reported that “Israel and Saudi Arabia were working together to bring down Iran’s nuclear activities.’ Clearly, having a mutual interest in stopping the threat of a hegemonic and nuclear Iran has made the two unlikely allies.” In fact these enemies have aligned before, becoming foul weather allies (albeit indirectly) when necessary, always against a common foe. Today it’s a […]

The NRA, Grover Norquist, and the Muslim Brotherhood

I know I may tick some people off with this post, so before I begin I’d like to remind everyone that there are no sacred cows when it comes to the defense of this country or the Constitution and its ideals and values. And that includes people and organizations. In other words – don’t shoot […]

Are You and I Real Terror Threats to the US? DHS Says Yes!

Who are the real terror threats to America? I suspect if you asked people on the street that question that you would hear answers ISIS, Islamic terrorists, Taliban, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Palestinian Authority, Barack Obama, Democrats and Congress, not necessarily in that order. If you posed that same question to the Department of Homeland Security who […]

Obama Vows to Work with Islamic Terrorists Despite FBI Evidence

Did you know that Hamas originally was a terrorist offshoot of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood? Did you know that both are listed by the FBI as terrorist organizations? Did you know that Barack Obama has ties to both groups? Obama fully supported and aided the Muslim Brotherhood’s overthrow of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. He continued […]

Obama Offers Condolences to Family of Slain Terrorist

If you were living in Israel, known for being attacked by Palestinian and Hamas terrorists, and saw a young man with a Molotov cocktail getting ready to throw it at passing cars, would consider him to be a terrorist? In the eyes of the Israeli Defense Forces, the teenager was a terrorist and they shot […]

Hamas Tells Israel to Forfeit Land to Pre-1967 Boundaries or Face Years of War

With Barack Obama leading the parade, the world has been condemning Israel for the current conflict between them and Hamas. It doesn’t matter to Obama or the world that Hamas started the fighting by attacking Israel first. Since fighting has resumed, it’s been Hamas who has repeatedly broken temporary peace agreements by being the first […]

Arab Bank Funnels Millions of Dollars to Hamas and Families of Suicide Bombers

Life is cheap to Hamas and Palestinians. If a martyr is arrested and jailed, his/her family is paid the equivalent of $1,325 US. If the martyr is wounded but not killed, they are paid the equivalent of $2,655. The families of suicide bombers are paid a whopping equivalent of $5,300 US. Compared to the average […]

Archie Bunker Was Right: Rob Reiner is a Meathead

Wednesday evening I decided to watch a much commercialed debut of the television show “Legends” on TNT. It’s kind of a Cop/FBI/CIA/secret agent show. Anyway, the star, an FBI agent, or whoever he was, played by Sean Bean from Game of Thrones, which I’ve never seen, has for months been undercover in a gang of […]

What Would You Do If they Kidnapped Your Child?

What would you do to get a loved one back? What would you do if a family member was abducted – kidnapped – snatched by a well-known gang of thugs? Worse yet, you were witness to the event. You, like me, would move heaven and earth to cut off the perpetrators’ escape, to retrieve your […]

Why Jihadists, Hamas, and Radical Islam will Fail

“From the Al-Qassam Brigades to the Zionist soldiers: The Al-Qassam Brigades love death more than you love life.” When people comment on world conditions they often put the worst and inevitable slant on them. Crisis politics leads to fear, a loss of liberty, and economic repression. I’m reminded of a Bible verse when I hear […]