Is Rubio the New GOP Establishment Candidate?

Democrats and the GOP Establishment have lost control of the political process. They can’t count on the mainstream media to do their bidding because of the rise of alternative media. There’s also the problem of conservative Republicans pushing back, not apologizing for their views, and not being able to control elections. As the Kentucky governor’s […]

Democrats Protect Illegal Felons by Opposing Kate’s Law

Kathryn Steinle and her father were walking on Pier 14 in San Francisco back on July 1 when three shots rang out. In front of her father Jim, 32 year old Kathryn collapsed and died two hours later from a gunshot wound that severed her aorta. An hour after the shooting, 52 year old Mexican […]

Why Do Conservatives Support Donald Trump?

One reason for Trump’s popularity is the “what have you done for me lately” effect. Over the years we’ve all been witness to and have even supported Republican candidates who, when they started out, were conservative, went to Washington, and within a term or two, moderated their views to the point where they just folded into […]

Harry Reid Was Against Anchor Babies (Before He was For Them)

Isn’t the internet great? People find some of the most interesting bits and pieces of information going back decades. There is no way to hide from eager pursuers of the truth. You never know what they’re going to find. Dredging up political speeches is a lot of fun. The latest example is Sen. Harry Reid […]

“The President is Plunging the World into a Very Dark Place”

  On Tuesday night Fox News host Bill O’Reilly went to a very controversial place when he argued that “the President is plunging the world into a very dark place.” O’Reilly focused on the growth of terrorism throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world – wondering how the Obama administration could possibly […]

John Boehner Supports Foreign Power While Dismissing Own Party

So John Boehner defied President Obama and brought Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in to speak to Congress and the world. The same day this happened, John Boehner and a group of 75 Republicans joined with the all the Democrats to fund an unconstitutional action by President Obama. “The House voted Tuesday to fund the […]

Democrats Block DHS Funding Bill then Blame GOP for Possible Shutdown

Most of us have seen someone who did something and the blamed someone else for what they did. It’s common in many children, but as we grow up and mature, we’re supposed to learn to take responsibility for our own actions. Unfortunately in today’s America, far too many adults have never learned this important lesson. […]

Ted Cruz Challenges Constitutionality of Spending Bill

Where Speaker John Boehner and many House Republicans collaborated with President Obama to write and pass the $1.1 trillion “Cromnibus” spending bill, Sen. Ted Cruz has kicked off a process that may force the Senate to vote on whether to defund the president’s executive amnesty plan. On Friday, Cruz challenged the constitutionality of the Cromnibus […]

Reid & Other Top Democrats Admit Obamacare Mistakes

Before Obamacare was passed, polls indicated that 60% to 75% of Americans opposed the passage of the Affordable Care Act. After the socialist healthcare bill was made law and started to take effect, the Obama administration kept reporting that the majority of Americans favored the program, but most other polls indicated that the majority of […]

Mormon Bishop Getting Flak over Negative Post about Harry Reid

I grew up in Mesa, Arizona, a town founded by Mormons in the 1880s. The third temple built in the United States stands in the heart of the city. Back in the 1960s and 70s, Mormons pretty much ran the town, public schools and much of the business community and the bishops wielded a ton […]

We Didn’t Elect You to Work With the Democrats

Tom Hank’s character, playing Captain John H. Miller, in Saving Private Ryan tells the rescued soldier, “Earn this.” It’s a moving an emotional unexpected scene. Lives were lost to save one man. From this point on, what will he do with this life as others have given their lives for him. While not as dramatic, yesterday’s […]

Some Democrats Calling for Changes in the White House

When I read headlines like this, the first thing I think of is changing from the top down, meaning getting rid of Barack Obama, followed by Joe Biden, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Wouldn’t that be a sweet cleaning of house? However, what some Democratic strategists are wanting to see is a drastic change in […]