Inspector General to Investigate Planned Parenthood

Dare we hope that there is someone honest left in government? The Health and Human Services inspector general has announced that he will be investigating Planned Parenthood’s handling of human tissue and whether the organization is in compliance with the law. While some Republicans in D.C. have been pushing to defund the abortion industry leader […]

$619 Billion Missing From 302 Federal Programs

What is the refrain of the left whenever anyone suggests tax cuts? Naturally it is, “How are you going to pay for them?” And what about cutting government spending? Well, Democrats will cry, in unison, that there is nowhere to cut. By cutting spending, we will be ripping food out of the mouths of needy […]

Gestapo Tactics at Government Immigration Centers

What is our government trying to hide? It seems that no matter who we elect to office to counter the intrusive and secretive government that is being erected all around us that our representatives are powerless to stop the tyranny. Each time a breach of trust and denial of constitutional authority occurs, a far more […]

Heart Be Still! Sebelius Almost Admits We’ll Pay More Through Obamacare

President Barack Obama, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and Rep. Nancy Pelosi have continued to tell the American people that the Affordable Care Act is lowering the cost of health insurance nationwide.  The problem is their nation must consist of New York and California because most of the rest of the nation […]

Sebelius: Donate To My Friend’s “Non-Profit” Obamacare Organization

The whole IRS debacle has been allegedly about making sure overtly conservative organizations were really about “promoting social welfare,” instead of primarily pushing some conservative political agenda. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell ranted on his show that while he didn’t necessarily agree with the IRS’s singling out of “tea party” groups, the real fraud occurred over 50 […]