Houston LGBT Losers Resort to Economic Blackmail

The LGBT+ community and the Lesbian mayor of Houston got trounced in Tuesday’s election of a bill that would have allowed men who thought they were women to use women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms. It was sold as an equal rights ordinance. Refusal to follow the law would have meant fines of up to […]

Military-Style Haircut Banned From School Named After Medal of Honor War Hero

McMinnville, TN is a quaint rural town of about 13,000 residents that lies about half way between Nashville and Chattanooga. They are known more for the 450 plant nurseries that generate over $300 million a year. Located in McMinnville is Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School, named after a young Navy hero who died during Vietnam. […]

Houston Sermon Demand Really About Future Hate Crime Lawsuits

I have followed the Houston petition story for months. I’ve had numerous conversations with a person directly involved in the petition drive. I’ve known him for more than 25 years. He’s one of the most connected persons in Texas when it comes to politics. Long before this became a national story, he told me of […]

Need a Hero? Try 8 Year Old Tyler Doohan

In today’s decadent America, so many young people look to celebrities as heroes.  They become fixated on people like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber who turn out to be spoiled self-centered brats who think only of themselves. In the world of politics, so many liberals are looking at Barack Obama as their hero because he’s […]

High School Planned Day to Honor Teen Suspended for Drugs, Graffiti, Truancy and Stealing

I’ll say it right up front.  I am sick and tired of hearing about Trayvon Martin and especially how so many people and groups are honoring someone who has been shown to be a troublesome punk.  It makes me wonder why some people are raising him up on a pedestal and literally worshiping him. Case […]

Obama and Clinton Would Rather Have 12 Year Old Girl Be Victim Instead of Hero

President Barack Obama and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been advocating for much stricter gun control.  If they had their way, no American citizen, except law enforcement and military, would be allowed to own a firearm of any kind. Hillary Clinton has already signed two United Nations treaties that would restrict the sale […]

Anti-Gun Media Fails To Tell Nation of Conceal Carry Hero Who Saved Lives

Thursday, April 26, 2012 was just another ordinary day in picturesque Salt Lake City.  Just after 5:00 pm, many workers were on the way home from work with some of them stopping at stores to pick up something for dinner.  Shoppers on the east side of the city were entering and leaving Smith’s Marketplace. One […]