Homelessness a Creation of Liberal Government Programs

Newsflash: America has a homeless problem. Actually, many are calling it a crisis or an epidemic. No matter which superlative one cares to use, I think we can all agree it’s a large problem, and each year liberals are in charge of government, the numbers of homeless increase. Every major city in the country has seen a […]

Joseph and Mary were Neither Homeless Nor Refugees

The Christmas story has been turned into a political message about homelessness. Recently, liberals have claimed that when Mary and Joseph could not find a room in Bethlehem – you guessed it – it’s just like today’s refugee problem. Never let a contrived Bible story go to waste. The problem with the refugee analogy is […]

Liberals Ignore Homeless Problem in Nation’s Capital When a Democrat is President

Obama and the left love to travel the country making soap-box speeches bemoaning income inequality, yet right under their collective noses is a dichotomy of two vastly different economies in the District of Columbia. One is populated by “the connected,” thriving in well-paying government jobs. The other is for people scrambling for even low-paying work. We should be […]

Christmas is Not About a Homeless Couple

Have you noticed that when a Democrat is in the White House, there are no homelessness people or homeless couples? It’s only when a Republican occupies the White House that there are news stories about the homelessness. The Advent story is turned into a political message about homelessness and how we need more government programs […]

UN “Justice” Means Feeding the Dirt Poor To The Rich In The Name Of The More Dirt Poor

Many conservatives are accustomed to resisting and lobbying against UN influence in the United States. But this story, “Amid Federal Land Grab in Brazil, Whole Towns Evicted at Gunpoint,” reminds us that the UN is doing its evil work all over the world: “Federal Brazilian police and military personnel, some wearing United Nations insignia, are […]

How the War on Poverty Creates Poor People

Why is it that whenever politicians declare war on anything, we usually get more of that thing they declared war on? Ever since the “war on drugs” was declared, we’ve gotten more drug users and drug-related violent crimes. Ever since the “war on cancer” was declared, cancer cases have been rising. The “war on terror” […]

They’re Cooking the Unemployment Numbers

Have you noticed that during Republican administrations homelessness was always in the news? I know you have. There were daily reports and weekly specials. Are we to assume that we no longer have a homeless problem in America? Did you notice that during George H. W. Bush’s administration that the press harped on unemployment numbers […]