Walmart Refused to Print Engagement Photo of Couple with Hunting Shotgun

Stephanie Wehner and Mitch Strobl were engaged and planning their wedding. The Dallas couple decided to select 13 special photos taken of them while they were engaged to have enlargements made, framed and put on display at their wedding reception. Wehner, who works at the local WFAA-TV station, took her special photos to a Dallas […]

More Women Carrying Guns Than Ever Before

Ever since Barack Obama assumed the presidency, he started his march towards destroying the Second Amendment and stripping Americans of their guns.  Interestingly, as he spent more efforts to remove guns, the sales of guns and ammunition increased dramatically.  It also seems that the crime rates in the most anti-gun areas of our nation also […]

Outdoor Channel Blacklists Colorado Over Gun Control Laws

Living in the Southwest for most of my life, I’ve seen just how many people go to Colorado to hunt, fish, ski, hike, camp and sight see.  Combined together, these activities generate millions of dollars for businesses as well as the state government. Yet, the controlling Democrats are willing to lose a large portion of […]

Let Them Eat Cake? Government Destroys 1,600 Pounds of Deer Meat for Homeless Just Because

Hunters and homeless people in Louisiana are righteously outraged after state health officials forced a homeless shelter to throw out nearly a ton of perfectly good venison. The meat that had been donated to the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission could have fed more than 3,000 people. Instead, it was tossed in trash bins by officials from […]

Has Having a Gun or Not Having a Gun Ever Made a Difference in Your Life?

As I keep reading and listening to the anti-gun people like Emeryville, California Police Chief Ken James say that guns have no defensive purpose whatsoever, I got to wondering if any of you have ever had anything happen in your life where being armed or unarmed made a difference. There have been numerous reports in […]

1958 vs 2012

A couple days ago, I posted a news item on Patriot Update – Obama Wants Your Birthday Presents.  The article was a report of how the Obama campaign is asking you to register with the Obama campaign like a bride registers with a store, so that your friends and family can give to the campaign […]

Friends of Animals Favor Extinction Of Rare and Endangered Animals Over Successful Conservation Efforts

Let me ask you a couple of questions. 1.  Would you prefer a species of animal to go extinct naturally or preserve it through effective conservation programs which require periodic culling of the population? 2.  Would you rather die slowly of starvation, which would take weeks, or to die quickly from a bullet? The reason […]