Obama’s Sunday Night Speech Rife with Lies and Hypocrisy

Barack Obama addressed the nation at prime time Sunday night. The White House says Sunday night was picked to reach the largest audience. Really? In his speech praising and supporting his fellow Muslims, he picked the night and time when many Christians are attending evening service. So who was he really addressing? In his speech, […]

Ultimate Hypocrisy of Anti-Gun Politicians

Most people believe that anti-gun politicians are hypocrites because they claim gun control lowers violent crimes. That hypocrisy has been revealed by the fact that the cities and states with the strictest gun control laws have some of the highest gun related crimes. Cities of Chicago, Baltimore, New York City and Washington DC are prime […]

Feds Hypocrisy over Driver’s Licenses, Voter IDs and Illegal Aliens

When Arizona passed their controversial immigration bill in 2010, the federal government went bonkers. They filed one legal challenge after another in an effort to keep the Grand Canyon state from protecting itself against Obama’s illegal aliens. One of Arizona’s measures denied illegals from obtaining valid state driver’s licenses, but the feds got their liberally […]

Black Mom Rants against Black Lives Matter Hypocrisy

Earlier this month I wrote that Black Lives Matter activists really don’t care about black lives as much as they just want to vent their racial hatred towards white law enforcement officers. I pointed out that every one of the blacks that died at the hands of police and are being protested for, were killed […]

White House Hypocrisy on Immigration: Christians No, Illegals Yes

Do you recall the Romeike family? They were a family of Christian homeschoolers that fled Germany because the government was going to permanently remove the children from their parents because the parents insisted on homeschooling their kids. Mom and dad didn’t want their kids educated in the liberal government run schools and indoctrinated with anti-Christian […]

Clinton Reaps Millions from Big Business While Campaigning for Small Businesses

True to her nature, Hillary Clinton, is completely clueless and out of touch with most Americans. My post yesterday discussed her hypocrisy of slamming CEOs for making so much money and while she and her randy husband Bill are making millions through speaking events. Then she slammed hedge fund managers for making so much money […]

Hillary Uses Home of Hedge Fund Manager for Fun-Raiser After Slamming Hedge Fund Managers for Making too Much Money

Hillary’s hypocrisy is ripe for the picking once again. On September 14, 2012, White House occupant Barack Obama, US Jester of Court Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta joined the families of the four Americans who were murdered at the US Embassy Compound in Benghazi. The three politicians spoke […]

IRS Hypocrisy: Tax Cheaters Go To Jail, Unless Employed by IRS

If you are caught intentionally cheating on your federal income taxes, the IRS is all too happy to send you to jail for your horrible crime. But if you work the IRS and are caught cheating on your taxes, chances are you will not serve a single second behind bars. A recently released report from […]

Why Aren’t Muslim Business Owners Targeted by Gays?

Homosexuality in any form is not only a sin to Christians, but also to Jews and Muslims. In some Muslim nations, gays are imprisoned, tortured and executed. Homosexuality is less tolerated by Muslims than by Christians and Jews, so why aren’t gays targeting Muslim businesses? All we hear about is one Christian business owner after […]

Human Rights Commission Charging Christian Leaders of Hate

Have you ever heard the old expression of the pot calling the kettle black or warning someone not to throw stones in a glass house? They speak of one’s hypocrisy of accusing others of things they themselves are just as guilty of. My favorite statement about hypocrisy was spoken by Jesus in Matthew 7:4-5: “Or […]

Donald Sterling v. Magic Johnson: The NBA’s Hypocrisy

So far, I’ve remained silent about the whole Donald Sterling issue but the hypocrisy of the NBA has gotten me so riled that I have to say something now. First of all, I don’t condone his racist views, but what about the First Amendment rights to free speech? Just listen to the racist comments that […]

Obama and Gore’s Global Warming Conspiracy Revealed

When I was attending graduate school in the mid 1990s, I remember reading about a United Nations global summit conference to discuss global warming. What struck me about the UN conference is that over 200 of the top climate scientists in the world were NOT invited to take part. These top scientists in the field […]