Feds Hypocrisy over Driver’s Licenses, Voter IDs and Illegal Aliens

When Arizona passed their controversial immigration bill in 2010, the federal government went bonkers. They filed one legal challenge after another in an effort to keep the Grand Canyon state from protecting itself against Obama’s illegal aliens. One of Arizona’s measures denied illegals from obtaining valid state driver’s licenses, but the feds got their liberally […]

Yuma, Arizona Proves Success of Border Fence with Mexico

Donald Trump made international headlines when he stated that America needs to build a fence along the entire US-Mexico border to stop the flood of illegal aliens. The liberal media crucified Trump for his comment and tried to make him out to be a Hispanic hating bigot. Democrats were ready with their hammers to nail […]

Obama’s Deporting Fewer Potential Illegal Voters

Barack Obama touted his record number of deportations of illegal aliens in 2012 when he sent 409,000 of them home. He used those numbers to say that he was taking measures to enforce immigration laws and protect the nation. However, what he wasn’t reporting at the same time is that there were also record numbers […]

Obama Grants Amnesty to Possible Al Qaeda Terrorists from Yemen

First Barack Obama pushes to give amnesty to nearly 20 million illegal aliens that have crossed our southern border over the past several decades. He has offered them work permits in order to take jobs away from American citizens. He has offered them valid state driver’s licenses to allow them to illegally vote in the […]

The ENLIST Act Is More Than Just Amnesty

Around this time last year members of Congress from both parties began pushing the ENLIST Act. Heritage wrote at the time that the act “would give illegal immigrants near instant citizenship if they volunteer for military service.” ENLIST stands for “Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training.” I’ve heard some lame acronyms, but that’s a whopper. I wonder who was […]

Rapists and Child Molesters Freed in US Instead of Deported With No Follow Up

Within the Department of Homeland Security (or Insecurity) is ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Among their many jobs is the arrest and deportation of illegal aliens. Under the tyranny of our ruthless dictator Barack Obama, Ice agents have been ordered to stop most deportations and allow illegals to go free in the US so […]

Texas Bill to Form Interstate Compact to Enforce Federal Immigration Laws Passes Senate

Ever since the duped and hoodwinked American people elected an illegal alien to live in the White House, Barack Obama has violated his oath of office, the US Constitution and federal immigration laws by his illegal executive actions. He took it upon himself to change the enforcement of laws that were passed by Congress, just […]

ACLU Insist Religious Organizations Pay for Abortions for Illegal Aliens

I’ve often claimed that ACLU stood for Anti-Constitution Lawyers Association and their latest actions only reinforce my claim. It is being reported that the ACLU is about to ask a federal court to order religious groups to pay for abortions for illegal aliens who become pregnant due to rape. To accomplish their goal, the ACLU […]

Obama Releases Hundreds of Convicted Murderers, Kidnappers, Sexual Offenders

Barack Obama and his dictatorial policies continue to prove that he cares nothing for the American people and their safety. When he assumed the role of Congress and changed immigration laws by his onesie, he promised all of us that his administration would still deport any illegal alien convicted of a felony. Guess what? HE […]

Report: Barack Obama Ran Shadow Immigration System

Approximately 5.5 million immigrants who crossed the border illegally or had unknown or improper legal status have received work permits since Barack Obama became president, according to a report released by the Center for Immigration Studies. The permits issued by executive discretion since 2009 were above and beyond the number of legal immigrants and work […]

Federal Government Grows Larger Due to Obama’s Immigration Memo

The federal government is the largest employer in the United States. If you look online, you will find that most search engines list Walmart as the largest employer in the US with around 2.2 million workers, but the US government employs over 4.3 million workers, of which 1.5 million are uniformed military personnel. Even if […]

Court Violates Arizona’s 10th Amendment State’s Rights

Our Founding Fathers purposely formed our new nation to have a small federal government with most of the power and authority reserved to the states. The federal government was primarily tasked with supporting and protecting the states and the newly formed country. When they wrote the Bill of Rights, they knew it was important enough […]