‘Vetting’ of Refugees Has Failed Before

The White House wants you to believe after the Paris massacres that it can safely bring thousands of Muslim refugees into this country by carefully “vetting” each one to be sure they aren’t terrorists. Considering that vetting of people from foreign countries where they barely keep records mostly relies on self-filled forms and the off […]

Who Knew Donald Trump Was a Constitutional Scholar?

Donald Trump’s now infamous retort to Chuck Todd claiming that by deporting all illegals, Trump would be breaking up families and attempting to deport people with birthright citizenship. Trump told Todd that he would keep the families together, “but they have to go.” I can’t remember a time when one statement has caused so much […]

Obama: It’s GOP’s Fault 5-Time Deported Alien Killed Woman in San Francisco

Note to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell: This is what you get for teaming up with the White House to pass Obama trade — blamed for murder. An illegal alien who was deported five times has been arrested and charged with murder of a young woman in San Francisco, and according to the White House, […]

Obama Prepares 34 Million IDs for Illegal Immigrants

The Obama Administration is soliciting a vendor to create as many as 34 million ID cards for illegal immigrants. After they were found out, officials insisted it was just routine operations, nothing to worry about, go back to your pudding. “Solicitations of this nature are frequent practice for all USCIS contracts and allow the Agency […]

Gestapo Tactics at Government Immigration Centers

What is our government trying to hide? It seems that no matter who we elect to office to counter the intrusive and secretive government that is being erected all around us that our representatives are powerless to stop the tyranny. Each time a breach of trust and denial of constitutional authority occurs, a far more […]

Who Deserves Amnesty More: Illegal or Legal Immigrants?

All we’ve heard from the liberal Democrats is they need to grant amnesty and citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens.  They care nothing that these people have broken federal laws, take jobs from Americans and deplete the resources that are supposed to help America’s poor. But has anyone even considered the 4 million immigrants who […]

Polls Reveal Voters Oppose Immigration Reform Bill

I’m sure most of you have seen the commercials on TV pushing the passage of the Gang-of-8 immigration reform bill.  They make it look so positive and that voting for it should be a no brainer.  They also tell you that over 70% of Americans favor passing the bill. But that’s not the real story. […]

Immigration Wants to Spend Millions for Abortions for Illegals While Furloughing Agents

The news is full of one scandal after another and most of America has forgotten about the Sequestration that was to usher in the economic doom of our nation.  (Too late, Obama already ushered it in.)  Forgotten or not, federal employees in a number of departments will start taking forced furloughs without pay this summer.  […]

Big Brother Buys End to Your Freedom — With Your Money

“So this is how liberty dies … with thunderous applause,” said the character Senator Amidala in Star Wars Episode Three. As ominous as her comment was, reality has a way of one-upping art, and the Obama Administration could teach Emperor Palpatine a thing or two about Byzantine schemes. Not only does this Administration expect you […]

Arizona Ranchers Demanding Protection From Armed Drug Smugglers

The Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security keep telling everyone that the US-Mexico border is safer now than it’s ever been.  Supposedly they have cracked down on illegal drug and immigrant trafficking, but that is not the same story being told by the ranchers that live along the border. Jim Chilton and his […]

Feds Realize — Again — They Can’t Touch Sheriff Joe

Call it the Staredown at OK Corral. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has won another round against the federal government as he continues to be one of the few officials actually standing up for the American people. For nearly two years, the federal government “looked into” allegations of financial crimes made by members of the Maricopa County […]

ICE Agents Suing Napolitano to Let Them Do Their Jobs

This is mutiny! And it’s high time, too. Playing Fletcher Christian to Janet Napolitano’s Capt. William Bligh, 10 brave federal immigration agents have filed a lawsuit against the Homeland Security secretary, saying Napolitano’s recent directives are forcing agents to break the law and ignore their duties. Anybody who’s not in the Obama Administration or in […]