Can You Guess Which Presidents Conducted Deportations?

Why does Donald Trump remain at the top of the heap despite bashing everyone but his mother? It’s uncivilized, they say. Yet none of that appears to matter due to two little words: Illegal Immigration. That’s it. Although I’m not a Trumpster, I was glad someone finally brought up president Eisenhower and “Operation Wetback” during […]

Workers Demand $15 an Hour to Cook French Fries

I remember my first minimum wage job came with the whopping pay rate of around $3.35 an hour. At the time, that actually seemed like some decent money to a high schooler, and after a lot of hard work, I got my first raise of 25 cents an hour. It wasn’t a lot, but it […]

Illegal Immigrants Group Demands ‘Bill of Rights’

Evidently the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers” doesn’t translate into Spanish. A group calling itself United We Stay has issued a “bill of rights” — really a list of demands — for illegal immigrants. The list is as follows: “Acknowledgment that we are already here, that we are human beings with a right to be, […]

Illegal Aliens Take Coveted Slots at Elite Universities

U.S. News & World Report‘s has released their annual college acceptance list. It has ranked some 1257 colleges and universities with their average acceptance rates ranging from 100% acceptance all the way down to 5%. Obviously 100% acceptance means that if you apply, you’re getting in. I assume all you have to do is pay and […]

Left Resorts to Cussing Kids in Fight Against Trump

If you’ve ever tried to argue with a liberal, the conversation likely got to the point where they ignored your most cogent, well-reasoned argument and started trying to just bully you into surrendering to their most outlandish notions. That pattern is once again apparent in a video produced by a left-wing group calling itself Deport […]

Heroin Epidemic and Deaths Direct Result of Illegal Immigration

I live about 20 minutes south of Cincinnati, Ohio. The number of heroin related deaths in the greater metropolitan area has quadrupled in the past few years. Several city and county law enforcement agencies are now carrying naloxone with them in certain areas to help counter the increasing cases of heroin overdoses. Connected with the […]

Harry Reid Was Against Anchor Babies (Before He was For Them)

Isn’t the internet great? People find some of the most interesting bits and pieces of information going back decades. There is no way to hide from eager pursuers of the truth. You never know what they’re going to find. Dredging up political speeches is a lot of fun. The latest example is Sen. Harry Reid […]

Illegal Immigration: Who’s to Blame & What Needs to be Done

America has a serious problem with illegal immigration. It’s been out of control for decades, long before Barack Obama stole the White House. I recall seeing illegal Hispanics in Arizona back in the 1960s. Back then it was easy to spot the illegals because any time they saw any kind of government vehicle, they would […]

Trump’s Popularity Soars Over Immigration Issue; Left’s Heads Explode

The Donald held another successful meet-and-greet in Los Angeles this week and advanced his campaign momentum by getting together with the families of people killed by illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, the Left pulled out all the stops in its effort to crush him beneath the mighty heel of political correctness by pulling any endorsements or business […]

In Defense of Donald Trump: Sometimes the Truth Hurts

A Republican’s number-one job — our overarching, maybe our only concern — is not to upset anyone — particularly protected groups. We can’t say anything about the overwhelming and disproportionate amount of black crime, black murders, etc. They say this will anger the “black community.” We can’t stand up against same-sex marriage or any LGBT […]

Hillary Says She’s For Illegal Immigration but Video Says She’s Against!

Hillary Clinton is like water. Most lakes have different layers of water and those layers often turn or reverse with the changing of the seasons. Oceans and seas have tides that change with the cycle of the moon. And Hillary Clinton apparently has views that also change depending on the season or popular views. This […]

The “Illegals Pay Taxes Too” Argument

One of the mainstays of the Democrat agenda that must be completed prior to Obama’s exit is the legalizing of illegal aliens. And as if right on cue, the Fiscal Times via Yahoo Finance has presented proof that immigrants, despite being undocumented, are contributing a portion of their (ill-gotten) income to paying their fair share. The […]